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Lawson, Kopi Kenangan launch jamu drinks

Indonesian jamu (herbal medicine) has gained attention as a much-sought-after drink during the current pandemic. Some consumers are convinced drinking jamu can help them to avoid COVID-19. Sensing consumer interest in jamu, convenience store chain Lawson has added a new range of jamu beverages priced between IDR 12,000 and IDR 15,000. Lawson’s Wedang Seger is available in hot and cold.

Coffee chain Kopi Kenangan, meanwhile, has launched the Seri Jamu range said to be based on traditional recipe dated back to 1919. The range comprises:

  • Sari Asam Splash: a modern jamu made from tamarind sweetened with palm sugar
  • Jahe Jeruk Squash: a mixture of orange and ginger
  • Kunyik Kelapa Latte: a mixture of curcurmin and coconut milk

The price is IDR 18,000 per cup.


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