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Wonda Coffee Introduces Its Latest Launch – The First WebAR Social Distancing Guide That Helps You Keep A Safe Social Gap

Kuala Lumpur, 05 May 2020 – Coffee brings people together, but WONDA Coffee’s latest launch is set to keep people a-p-a-r-t. In light of the government’s latest announcement of the conditional movement control order (CMCO), WONDA Coffee will introduce the first WebAR based social distancing guide in Malaysia that helps netizens to keep a safe social distance as they step out of their homes after nearly 47 days. WONDA Coffee’s latest launch, Gap-puccino (https://www.etikaholdings.com/wonda/wonda-gap-Puccino-guide/) can easily be accessed via any smart phone browser and gives a visual guide that approximates a safe social distance between individuals to ensure that we abide by the one-to-two meters social distancing rule.

The initial movement control order (MCO) imposed in March to contain the spread of COVID-19 will see some relaxations starting early May. The CMCO will allow certain businesses to begin operations and ease the restrictions on limited public recreational activities such as jogging. However even during the CMCO, netizens will need to adhere to social distancing norms, practice high hygiene standards and regular hand washing in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19 infections. This led to the inception of WONDA’s Gap-puccino, the first WebAR based social distancing guide that helps define safe social distance.

“Since the beginning of the MCO, WONDA Coffee has been proactively involved in community activities and efforts to strengthen our fight against COVID-19. Whether it is showcasing support to front-liners or creating economic opportunities for local businesses, WONDA Coffee has stood by the community in these trying times,” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alternate Business from Etika.  “When the Conditional Movement Control Order was announced, we understood the importance of social distancing in the days to come in combating the spread of the infection. This spurred the creation of WONDA’s Gap-puccino as an easy visual guide to help the masses maintain adequate distance whenever they truly need to step out of their homes. To stay ahead by reacting with relevant and purposeful marketing efforts from time to time is the core principle of the Brand, this allows the Brand continues to create a meaningful brand connection with consumer.”

Easy to comprehend, WONDA’s Gap-puccino social distancing guide highlights areas around the user as either ‘caution’ or ‘danger’ as indicators for measuring safe distance between people. Users simply have to open the link on their smartphone browser. For best results, use while standing with the camera pointed down to the floor at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. The augmented reality engine running the web-based guide will automatically put in bold colours a safe distance that falls within the one-to-two meters rule, around the users as they move. That being said, WONDA Coffee reinforces once more the importance of staying at home and following regulations strictly as Malaysians enter the CMCO and hopes that WONDA’s Gap-puccino will serve as a useful guide for those moving in high traffic areas like shopping malls, public transportation etc.

WONDA’s Gap-puccino is created in conjunction with WONDA Coffee’s partner Entropia Xtended Reality (EXR)- a part of Entropia group, and showcases the brand’s investment in digital assets to create campaigns of public importance and deliver them to the masses at speed, especially in times like these. “We are extremely proud to collaborate with Wonda and bring this simplified utility to the people. Technology can help in getting through these tough times and Wonda Gap-puccino is our small contribution towards that bigger goal of putting a smile on everyone’s faces and be of help too.   WebAR is a fast evolving tech and it marks the evolution from App based generation to ubiquitous web based one,” said Ramakrishnan, Partner at Entropia.   “We are seeing more green zones today as compared to when the MCO was first imposed in March. However, we need to ensure that we maintain our current status, and this will come by being responsible citizens and abiding to the regulations and measures set forth by our government. We hope that Malaysians all over will continue to maintain social distancing and stay united in our fight against COVID-19,” added Santharuban.


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