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Top 10 most searched recipes during lockdown in Singapore, Philippines

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Here are the top 10 most searched recipes during lockdown in Singapore and the Philippines as revealed by Google.

In Singapore, the most-searched recipes from 9 March 2020 through 7 April 2020 as told by Google to Today Food are:

  1. ) Banana bread recipe
  2. ) Pizza dough recipe
  3. ) French toast recipe
  4. ) Chocolate cake recipe
  5. ) Dalgona coffee recipe
  6. ) Chicken breast recipe
  7. ) Carrot cake recipe
  8. ) Ground beef recipe
  9. ) Fried rice recipe
  10. ) Chocolate chip cookie recipe

We see Singaporeans are looking for comforting sweet food that can be easily made at home such as banana bread and chocolate cake. They are also keen on recreating the popular restaurant take-away favourites like pizza, which can be shared with the entire family.

In the Philippines, the top 10 recipes Filipinos have searched for in April 2020 are:

  1. ) Carbonara recipe
  2. ) Maja blanca recipe
  3. ) Pancake recipe
  4. ) Banana cake recipe
  5. ) Puto recipe
  6. ) Menudo recipe
  7. ) Leche flan recipe
  8. ) Pandesal recipe
  9. ) Chicken curry recipe
  10. ) Dalgona coffee recipe

Searches in the Philippines are very much geared towards the local tastes and their love for pasta. Dalgona coffee and banana cake, both are easy to make, are popular in both countries.


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