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Subway Malaysia Invites Malaysians to Go Spicy and #TambahPedas With Limited Edition Flavours

June 24th 2020: Subway® Malaysia is spicing things up this month with the launch of its #tambahpedas limited edition Hot & Spicy Subs range, which deliver a fiery mouth-watering experience.

Following the recent addition of 12 fresh new ingredients to Subway Malaysia’s menu, including chilli flakes and sizzling sauces, the Spicy Mayo Chicken and Hot Pepper Chicken join the line-up to give an extra flavour kick to Malaysian taste buds.

Subway Malaysia Country Director Samad Shariff said the limited-edition sandwiches were created to delight Malaysians with spicier options and reflect a commitment to cater to Malaysians’ tastes, including their love of spicy food.

“We at Subway know how much Malaysians enjoy adding more spice to our food – the spicier, the better! We knew we had to take it up a notch by offering these limited-edition subs,” Mr Shariff said.

“As a lover of spicy food myself, I encourage Malaysians to #tambahpedas and challenge their pedas level by trying out the new subs and adding more chilli flakes!”

Subway’s Spicy Mayo Chicken sub features chicken marinated in a Southern-inspired creamy remoulade and the tangy roasted Hot Pepper sauce is infused into tender chicken strips for the Hot Pepper Chicken sub.

Malaysians are invited to savour the Hot & Spicy Subs and share their experience on social media with the hashtag #tambahpedas. The new limited-edition subs are available via dine-in or takeaway from all Subway restaurants or through delivery via Foodpanda and GrabFood from today onwards.

To curb the spread of Covid-19, and for the health and safety of Sandwich Artists and guests, Subway Malaysia has stringent health, safety, and hygiene procedures in place.

For further information, visit www.subwayisfresh.com.my.


Subway Malaysia’s fresh menu creates a great balance between the classic favourites Subway is renowned for and new flavour combinations, such as Bulgogi Chicken with mozzarella cheese, Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Spicy Mayo sauce and Smoky Chicken with Hot Pepper sauce.

In addition, the new menu includes tasty cheeses such as sliced cheddar and mozzarella cheese, three new
sauces – spicy mayo, hot pepper and cheese; mixed greens, chilli flakes and add-ons such as avocado and chopped mushrooms. A new side of macaroni & cheese is also available as the perfect accompaniment for those wanting something a bit more decadent to their meal.


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