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Sunkist unveils pistachio milk in Thai tea flavour

Sunkist has launched Pistachio Milk Thai Tea Flavor for the first time in Thailand. The premium pistachio nuts and pistachio milk brand under Heritage Group is made using selected tea leaves from the northern province of Thailand and high-quality pistachios from USA. This dairy-free nut milk offers the classic traditional Thai tea flavor and comes with high essential nutrients such as Vitamin E, protein, and calcium that help to improve digestive system.

Pistachio Milk Thai Tea flavor is lactose and gluten free, suitable for those who could not turn down to a glass of Thai Tea but still love to keep fit and firm at the same time.

The new Thai Tea flavoured pistachio milk in 180ml is available for THB 20 at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

This new product is interesting as it taps into familiar flavour – Thai tea – to encourage more consumers into the plant-based category.


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