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The Wonder Citrus for Immunity

Quality you can’t resist with the goodness of vitamin C for a healthy boost this year-end festivities and holiday season

Singapore, 14 December 2023 – Sunkist, the most eminent name in the citrus world, prides itself on offering consumers fresh, delicious, and premium fruit, filled with the goodness of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) for a healthy boost especially during the year-end festivities and holiday season.

This commitment to health and wellness is a cornerstone of the Sunkist brand, allowing consumers to incorporate vitamin C into their daily diet, and enhance their nutritional intake and overall health. This nutrient serves everyone’s wellbeing, allowing them to fully enjoy the holiday celebrations and end-of-year festivities with the confidence that they are supporting their health effectively.

Sunkist Orange Juice is rich in vitamins A, C, and E – powerful antioxidants that help to strengthen your immune system and protect your body against infections. Antioxidants shield healthy cells from free-radical damage, while the high Vitamin C content in the juice promotes the production of white blood cells, which are essential to a healthy immune system.

Sunkist is proud to celebrate 125 years of providing unparalleled quality and delicious taste as it upholds its tagline, ‘Quality You Can’t Resist’. It remains a household name as the world’s expert in oranges, offering consumers a taste of heritage, reliability, and nutritional goodness.

As the world continues to enjoy the juiciest fruits and thirst-quenching cups of orange juice by Sunkist, growers of citrus groves across sunny California and Arizona use both time-honoured family farm growing practices and innovative techniques to produce high-quality and irresistible quality products that families worldwide can enjoy.

Such growing and production practices result in trusted Sunkist quality, where every fruit is hand-picked with care and inspected for quality and consistency to ensure that the produce complies with the strictest regulations for food safety, packaging, and labelling.

Consumers can savour Sunkist‘s delights and nutritional goodness in more ways than one. They can enjoy the refreshing taste of Sunkist, not just tantalising juice in a chilled tall glass, but also a deliciously creamy bowl of ice cream with a zesty touch on the tastebuds.

Strengthen your immune system this holiday season and stand a chance to win a trip for two to San Francisco, California, worth $S5,000

From now to 31 December, stand a chance to win two return Singapore Airlines economy air tickets from Singapore to the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco in California, worth S$5,000. Purchase S$12.00 worth of Sunkist Juice and/or Sunkist Ice Cream, and visit www.sunkist-contest.com to upload your receipt as proof of purchase of the said Sunkist product(s). This promotion is exclusively held in Singapore. Terms & conditions apply. 

The all-time favourite Sunkist range of products are high in vitamin C, halal-certified, and can be found in the major supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores all around Singapore with the respective Recommended Selling Price: 

  1. Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Cream
    • 1.5L tub – S$8.25
  2. Sunkist Premium 100% Orange Juice
    • 946ML – S$4.09
  3. Sunkist Pure Premium 100% Orange Juice made with Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
    • 946ML – S$4.55
  4. Sunkist Pure Premium 100% Orange Juice made with Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice with Lots of Pulp
    • 946ML – S$4.55
  5. Sunkist Orange Juice Drink
    • 1.89L – S$5.00
    • 200ML – S$1.11
  6. Sunkist Orange Juice Drink No Sugar Added
    • 1.89L – S$5.50
    • 200ML – S$1.16
  7. Sunkist Apple Juice Drink
    • 1.89L – S$5.00

For more information, please visit https://sg.fnlife.com/sunkist. Follow Sunkist Juice Singapore @sunkistjuices on Instagram for more updates.


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