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Vegan District sells Sproud, Omnipork and Deliciou

Image from Vegan District

Vegan District, the plant-based and organic grocer in Malaysia, has added several new interesting plant-based products. The first one is Sproud, a pea powered plant-based milk made in Sweden. Pea protein is known to be one of the most sustainable sources of plant-based protein considering making pea-based milk requires less land and water use compared to other plant-based milk. Currently, 2 Sproud varieties are available, the Original and the Chocolate Drink.

Vegan District has also added new meat substitutes such as Deliciou Plant Based Chicken featuring 20g of protein per serve and Omnimeat, Green Monday’s all purpose plant-based pork analogue that is available in the sizes of 1kg and 230g.

Get all your plant-based goodness from Vegan District’s online shop at https://vegandistrict.my/


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