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Berjaya Sompo Embraces Merdeka Spirit with “Sompo Gratitude Pies” for Frontliners

Berjaya Sompo sta and Persatuan STANDrepresentaves handing over SOMPO GratudePies to medical o!cers of Hospital Ampang.

Appreciating the frontliners in conjunction with the 63rd Merdeka Day celebration

Kuala Lumpur, 2nd September 2020 – Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad (“Berjaya Sompo”) continues its Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiative with the distribution of “SOMPO Gratitude Pies” for the frontliners who have tirelessly worked around the clock to fight COVID-19 pandemic in the country, to keep Malaysians safe and healthy. The 63rd Merdeka Day celebration, was timely for Berjaya Sompo to thank and celebrate these unsung heroes while embracing the Merdeka spirit. The SOMPO Gratitude Pies is the second CSR initiative for the company under its “Care Freely” brand campaign which was launched earlier of this month and in line with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (“UNSDG”) for Decent Work and Economic Growth. The SOMPO Gratitude Pies which will be distributed to 17 hospitals in Klang Valley, carry a special meaning for Berjaya Sompo as they are made by Persatuan STAND (“STAND”), a social enterprise that employs special needs young adults who would normally face challenges in finding employment. STAND, along with its dedicated team of staff and volunteers, provide cooking and baking guidance and training for the young adults which in turn gives them access to decent work and growth opportunities.

The SOMPO Gratitude Pies which comes in three flavours, chicken mushroom, beef goulash and vegetarian quiche are packed in a set of two pies in each box after undergoing STAND’s production process which is split into 3 sections; food preparation like peeling or cutting, dough preparation and cooking. The team at STAND ensures these young adults wear a mask, hair net, aprons and gloves while making the pies. The facility is also kept clean as they sweep, mop and sanitise the floors before and after production daily. All products like chicken, beef and other ingredients are sourced locally and are certified halal by local authorities.

Berjaya Sompo staff and Persatuan STAND representatives handing over SOMPO Gratitude Pies to a representative of Pantai Hospital Cheras.

“Our CSR collaboration with Persatuan STAND began in 2018, with the help of Sompo Welfare Foundation in Japan through a RM25,000 grant that was given two years ago for the purpose of purchasing of machinery, premise refurbishment and extension. The grant enabled STAND to provide better service, training and a working environment, for these special needs young adults. The continuation of our collaboration today with SOMPO Gratitude Pies for the frontliners, in time for Merdeka celebration, shows the dedication of all parties involved and I am extremely pleased to see the progress made by STAND,” said Mr. Tan Sek Kee, Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Sompo.

The 17 hospitals that will receive the SOMPO Gratitude Pies, were chosen with the help of the public through a social media campaign ran by Berjaya Sompo in July 2020. Through this social media campaign, the public was invited to nominate their chosen frontliners who they want Berjaya Sompo to send the pies to. To name a few, Ministry of Health (MOH), University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Serdang, Hospital Shah Alam, Hospital Ampang, Pantai Hospital Cheras and Sunway Medical Centre are among the recipients.

The “Care Freely” brand campaign features two CSR activities, with the first one being the SOMPO Care Packs which the company and its army of SOMPO Heroes who are fellow employee volunteers, have started distribution to the communities on 24th August, while the second one is the “SOMPO Gratitude Pies” for front-liners started just before Merdeka Day on 27th August. For more information about Berjaya Sompo’s campaigns and CSR initiatives, please visit www.berjayasompo.com.my



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