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Hooray! Super Shot to keep your body in tip top condition

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Crossmax Retail Co., Ltd., the maker of Hooray! range of protein beverages, has recently added a new range of Super Shot offering immunity for the body with vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Hooray! Super Shot is free from preservatives and there is no sugar or water added. It is 100% made from natural ingredients for your daily immunity needs.

The range comprises the following products:

  • Green Shot – Detox (green apple and Asiatic pennywort)
  • Ginger Short – Digestion (orange and ginger)
  • Beauty Shot – Antioxidant (pomegranate and mangosteen)
  • Turmeric Shot – Immunity (passionfruit and turmeric)

Brands can explore the shots format to deliver functional goodness especially in the area of preventative health. Shots are seen as a concentrated version of a full-sized drink and thus more likely to for consumers to enjoy the benefit instantaneously.



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