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Ho Yan Hor herbal tea can now be consumed straight from the can

The popular Ho Yan Hor (何人可) herbal tea from Hovid Sdn Bhd is now available in ready-to-drink format (240ml) in Malaysia to make it more convenient for consumers to consume.

Ho Yan Hor herbal tea is a concoction of 29 traditional herbs brewed with premium Pur Erh tea to help relieve heatiness and let you feel cool and refreshed quickly.

There is no strong bitter herbal tea taste. The drink comes with the herbal tea freshness with a tinge of sweetness.

Dr. Ho Kai-Cheong, the founder of Ho Yan Hor herbal tea, first created this herbal tea in 1941. According to the company, Ho Yan Hor herbal tea became a popular alternative to western medicine because of its fast relief of common cold.

The launch of Ho Yan Hor in RTD comes at the right time as consumers are looking at options including beverages to improve their overall health.

Ho Yan Hor is available at Giant, Mercato, Cold Storage and 7-Eleven.

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