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Shell Malaysia helps entrepreneurs to achieve their dream to sell through Shell SELECT

Image by Shell Malaysia

Shell Malaysia has recently organised a contest to provide a platform to food and drink entrepreneurs to sell their food at Shell SELECT petromarts. Registration ended on 11 September 2020.

Shell Malaysia said this is the continuation of the “Malaysian Dream initiative” during Ramadan to help communities sell local treats and delicacies at Shell SELECT stores.

Now Shell Malaysia is looking for 30 SMEs who can meet their criteria with 3 to be awarded the Shell private label contract, while the remaining 27 will have their products displayed in selected Shell SELECT stores.

The 21st to 30th winners will be revealed by the 16th of September 2020 and the 1st to 20th winners will be announced by the 12th of October.

Shell SELECT fish crackers made by a local company ZS Maju Product in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. Image by Minimeinsights.com

This is an interesting campaign. It not only demonstrates Shell’s commitment to helping local entrepreneurs especially during this current challenging period, the program also helps to enrich Shell SELECT’s in-store food and drink portfolio by providing consumers with something unique and interesting.

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