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Farmerly Oat Milk a new player in the vibrant oat milk scene

Image from Farmerly

The plant-based milk segment in Malaysia is seeing strong launch activities. The most recent product in the oat milk scene is Farmerly Original Oat Beverage, an unsweetened chilled ready-to-drink oat beverage rich with potassium, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Also available is the new Farmerly Minuman Oat Berperisa Kopi (Coffee Flavoured Oat Beverage).

The existing Farmerly Nut-based beverages by Advance Nature Sdn Bhd are made from almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts.

The choice of oat is a no-brainer as oat is now the talk of town in the plant-based milk industry. The coffee shop scene is where oat milk got its breakthrough. Even Starbucks Malaysia has launched its new Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato, which uses oat milk.

We have seen more oat milk options starting to appear in supermarket and has even attract Farm Fresh to roll out Oat Milk in UHT format as its latest plant-based product in addition to almond milk.

You can simply drink Farmerly Oat Milk straight from the pack or pour it on your cereal or put it to good use in your cooking.

Farmerly Oat Beverage 1L (4 Packets) is priced at RM 42.20 (n.p. RM 47.20 on A2 Milk Marketing Sdn Bhd’s official store on Motherhood.com.my.  Farmerly Oat Beverage is also available in a smaller 300ml pack with a more wallet-friendly price of RM 33.60 (n.p. RM 38.4) for a pack of 8.


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