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Rite ‘n Lite new fizzy drinks are flavourful and functional

Image by ARC Refreshments

Rite ‘n Lite, the better-for-you carbonated soft drink range by Philippine-based ARC Refreshment Corporation, has introduced three more interesting flavours.

  • Lychee + Rose (Collagen and Glutathione)
  • Green Apple + Tea (Natural Green Coffee Extract)
  • Calamansi + Ginger + Honey (MK-7)

The Lychee + Rose flavour is the most interesting flavour combination as it taps into the trending floral flavour in non-alcoholic drink launches.

All three flavoured carbonated soft drinks come with added functional benefits. The collagen and glutathione in Lychee + Rose offer beauty benefit, while the MK-7 in Calamansi + Ginger + Honey delivers stronger bone health. The natural green coffee extract in Green Apple + Tea provides the daily dose of metabolism boost.

Rite ‘n Lite is free from calorie, sugar and carbs.

The blend of interesting flavours and functional ingredients make the latest Rite ‘n Lite a strong contender in the functional beverage scene in the Philippines.


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