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Malee introduces seasonal juices from Aomori under Malee In Season

Image by Malee

The Thai juice maker Malee has unveiled an interesting juice. Malee In Season 100% Aomori Apple Juice taps into the power of provenance to deliver quality Japanese juice to Thai consumers. Aomori is a region in Japan known for the greatest production of the Fuji variety.

To support the launch of Malee In Season, Malee has come up with its first animated commercial film “Aomori no Kitsetsu” to bring back the sweet memories of Aomori. The launch also coincided with Thailand’s rainy season. For some, rainy day does bring out lots of memories and this is perfectly expressed by the tagline “some moments only happen in season.”


Apart from the commercial, Malee also has a special music that delivers the atmosphere and the aura of Japan combined with the picture of the rainy season in Thailand.


The launch of the Malee seasonal juices comes at the right time as travel is disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, there is a demand for things that allow consumers to travel through food. Moreover, the success of Ichitan and Oishi with their Japanese-inspired RTD tea does demonstrate that provenance work given the right marketing.


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