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BERTOLLI(R) launches illustrated ‘Tips for a Condo Dweller’ series in collaboration with Thai artist Reenp

Image by Bertolli

Bangkok, 20 April 2021 – BERTOLLI(R), the world’s number one olive oil brand, has launched a series of illustrated cooking tips for condo-dwellers, furthering its connection with local consumers. The illustrated mini-series celebrates the ingenuity of Thai condo-dwellers in a humorous manner to provide fun yet practical tips for ‘surviving’ condo home-cooking.

To make the content more relatable and easier to understand, BERTOLLI collaborated with popular Thai illustrator Reenp to create eight modern-day, easily identifiable stories set around a young Thai female living in a condo setting. The illustrations walk viewers through practical tips ranging from meal planning to selecting versatile ingredients and encourage people to make cooking a memorable moment – even in limited spaces.

“After more than 30 successful years in Thailand, our connection with Thai consumers is more evident than ever, with Thais increasingly focused on their health while at the same time spending more time cooking and eating at home. This is particularly relevant to younger Thais who are finding their independence or looking to take care of others, including their families, and we specifically had these people in mind when considering the ‘Tips for a Condo Dweller’ series.” said Jose Maria-Sagrado Jimenez, International Marketing Director, DEOLEO GLOBAL S.A.U.

“With Thai consumers becoming more sustainable and healthier, we know Bertolli’s adaptability perfectly suits any lifestyle and hope more Thai kitchens, regardless of size or location, are able to elevate their daily meals with the benefits of Olive Oil.”

The illustrated mini-series comes on the heels of Bertolli’s recent video advertisement made specifically for Thailand and featuring local talent. Set in a Thai kitchen, the video highlights Bertolli’s versatility and suitability for Thai dishes, as well as its nutritional value and health benefits.

“Thais truly understand the joy of cooking and eating together, and these are values we truly believe in at Bertolli. As people continue to stay safe and spend more time at home, cooking with their families and loved ones, we feel it is more important than ever to share these stories”, continued Jose Maria-Sagrado Jimenez.

Bertolli Olive Oil is available in Thailand through its versatile range of Bertolli Extra Light Tasting, Bertolli Olive Oil, Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Bertolli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, making it easy to prepare any type of Thai dish, regardless of cooking style – be it deep frying, stir frying, salads, marinades, roasting or even baking – and boosting the body’s immune system to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and contribute to lower bloody pressure and risk of heart disease.

The Tips for Condo-Dweller series and illustrations will be published on the Bertolli Thailand Facebook Page at https://web.facebook.com/BertolliTH/?_rdc=1&_rdr.


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