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Make A Memorable Celebration with Elevete Patisserie’s Raya Special

Kuala Lumpur, 20 April 2021 – This Holy month of Ramadan, homegrown patisserie brand, Elevete Patisserie has officially rolled out their Raya Special ready to be enjoyed by everyone this festive season. These exclusive collections are made available online from now until 27th of May to spark joy during this festive Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Pandan Delight Cake (The Locale Cake)

Reminisce your Hari Raya back in kampung with Elevete Patisserie’s Raya Special by treating you and your loved ones to these delicacies. As it is the month of reuniting between families and friends, Elevete Patisserie wishes a blessed Ramadan and a delightful Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you and your family.

Mesra Delight

On the Raya Special menu, one of the best-sellers, The Locale Cake is now redesigned to the Pandan Delight Cake. Making a twist for this joyous occasion, it is topped with coconut
chocolate decoration and hand rolled ondeh-ondeh, perfect to be the centrepiece of your
dessert table. Looking for a dessert gift box instead? Mesra Delights is a wholesome box of Raya cookies galore with Pineapple Tarts, Ketupat Design Butter Cookies, Raspberry
Chocolate Bonbons and Nutella Pods, surely warm enough to be gifted to the ones near and dear to you.

Ondeh-Ondeh Roulade

Hype up your kuih raya table with Aneka Aidilfitri Platter, a mixed platter of traditional local desserts including Pandan Gula Melaka Cake Bites, Nutella Pods, The Batik Indulgence, Ondeh Ondeh Roulade and Premium Dates, ideal for your Aidilfitri celebration. The Batik Indulgence imitating Batik prints, is a classic recipe with a modern twist, enriched with chocolate ganache for the sweet tooth of yours.

Aneka Aidilfitri Platter

Meriah Treasure is like a treasure box. With the new addition of Butterscotch Cookies Cake Bites and Tokeru Cheesecake Bites, this treasure box is a mix and match of six flavours of cake bites, gathering six pieces of cake bites from each flavour. The last fine piece on the Raya Special is the Ondeh Ondeh Roulade, a light delicate pandan sponge rolled between coconut buttercream mixed with gula Melaka sugar crystals, topped with refreshing Hawaiian coconut flakes and mini pandan leaves.

Elevete Patisserie’s Raya Special is now available online on Elevete Patisserie’s official
website. Pre-order your choice of exclusive desserts now at https://www.elevete.com.my/collections/raya-special or contact 018-3703770 or email to
[email protected] to place your order.


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