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Goodmate oat milk is now available at Gourmet Market

Image by Goodmate

Goodmate made with 100% natural whole grain oats is available at all the Gourmet Market branches in Thailand. This oat milk is high in fibre, high in calcium, low in fat and does not have added sugar and additives. Goodmate is actually an oat milk produced by Thailand’s Chabaa, which is a company known for its fruit juices.

Goodmate is available in four SKUs – Chocolate Deluxe Oat Milk (180ml and 1L) and The Original Oat Milk (180ml and 1L). There are two more products on the website Oat Barista Professional and Oat-Cooking Professional mainly for B2B.

Apart from Gourmet Market, Goodmate is also available at Lemon Farm (all branches), Foodland (all branches) and Tung Hua Seng (every branches).

From May 2021, Goodmate will be at Tops, Central Food Hall, Villa Market, Lotus’s and Rimping.



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