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Nestlé Malaysia’s new ready-to-drink (RTD) LIVELY™ Tea to debut in May 2021

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Nestlé Malaysia has most recently trialed its latest RTD LIVELY™ Tea through ecommerce. We managed to catch up with Nestlé Malaysia Manager, Innovation & Renovation Chang Tze Lai during the sideline of the launch of Nestlé plant-based Milo and Nescafé to get her insights on LIVELY™ Tea.

According to Chang, Nestlé Malaysia is looking at launching the new RTD brand LIVELY™ Tea in Malaysia exclusively through Family Mart outlets in May 2021 before going nationwide in August 2021. In fact, Nestlé took a novel test launch approach of selling LIVELY™ Tea through its own web store since December 2020 to obtain consumer insights including identifying consumer persona and optimizing consumer experience.

After gaining all the learnings and the consumer insights from the soft launch via the web store, LIVELY™ Tea will be migrating to platforms such as Lazada and Shopee in order to reach a wider audience.

Recognising the growth of tea consumption and stress levels in this modern society, Nestlé Malaysia looked into adaptogens, which are traditional herbs used for centuries that is believed to support the body’s natural ability to cope with stress. Nestlé Malaysia seized this opportunity to address consumers’ needs by using these ingredients that have been traditionally well accepted into a Ready to Drink tea.

In order to capture the new generation of tea drinkers, Nestlé Malaysia has worked on coming up with names which resonates with the entire brand and the target audience. The name “Lively” speaks for itself – a tasty and refreshing tea infused with unique
adaptogens to motivate and lift your spirits throughout the day.

Nestlé Malaysia understands the vast brands of ready to drink teas that are already out there in the market and tapping into this market would be challenging. This is where Lively™ Tea is differentiated from the current competitors by being the one of a kind Ready To Drink tea with adaptogenic benefits. Each variant unique to address the consumers’ needs.

At the moment, the Lively™ Tea range has three variants (450ml PET bottle):

Lively™ Orange Guarana Tea – Brewed with earthy black tea leaves, topped with tangy orange peel notes and energized with guarana extract, Lively™ Orange Guarana Tea is
your ideal positive companion

Lively™ Raspberry Lemon Balm Tea – With a perfect brew of earthy black tea, a burst
of raspberry and a hint of minty lemon balm, Lively Raspberry Lemon Balm Tea will help
soothe your soul and remind you to put your life back into perspective

Lively™ Pear Schisandra Tea – Get over stressful and hectic days with a flavourful
blend of black tea, exquisitely paired with pear and Schisandra berries. Lively™ Pear Schisandra Tea is your ideal companion to push through any challenges with a cheerful

In this pre-launch, Lively™ Tea has received many positive responses with regards to
their products with some mentions of the tea not being too sweet.


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