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ecoBrown’s offering steam brown rice subscription plan

The current buzzword is DTC (direct to consumer). In Malaysia, ecoBrown’s is offering a 9-month and a shorter 6-month steam brown rice subscription plan.

Under the plan, consumers will receive 5kg of rice every month with a total of 6 or 9 packs of steam brown rice (5kg) for the entire duration of the plan.

To sweeten the deal, ecoBrown’s will provide a one-time-only free gift on the first delivery. Those on the 9-month plan will get free gifts worth RM 70, while those on the 6-month plan will receive 2 packs of Premiere Vermicelle (300g) per subscription.

The best thing is both deals come with free delivery so that you do not need to worry about paying extra for the delivery fees. The plan is suitable those who cook frequently at home.

The 9-month plan is priced at RM 234 equivalent to RM 26 per 5kg pack, while the 6-month plan is RM 156, which translates to RM 26 per 5kg pack.

There is no difference in price if one chooses to buy individually. The 5kg ecoBrown’s Steam Brown Rice is selling at RM 26 per pack on ecoBrown’s official store on Shopee but you will need to pay for the shipping fees yourself.

For those who are interested, they can click here to purchase the subscription plans on ecoBrown’s official e-commerce store.



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