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Nutrifood joins the oat milk trend in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Nutrifood has finally joined the oat milk bandwagon with the launch of Tropicana Slim Oat Drink. This marks the entry of a large local food and drink player into the oat drink segment.

At the moment, the oat milk segment is dominated by imported brands and local players like Oatmu.

Tropicana Slim Oat Drink (190ml) is available exclusively at Nutrimart on Shopee Indonesia. The beverage is described as free from sugar, low in fat and is a source of fibre and calcium.

Tropicana Slim Oat Drink comes with a vanilla flavour to make it palatable for Indonesian consumers. The drink is also said to lower the risk of diabetes and cardivascular disease, improves the digestive system and helps with weight management.

There is no mentioning of sustainability as health-related claims are more important to promote oat milk in Indonesia.

The price is IDR 9,300 (USD 0.65) per unit, which is more expensive than other flavoured UHT milk (eg Indomilk UHT Vanilla at IDR 3,990).


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