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Central Group partners with Chulalongkorn Hospital in MEAL FOR YOU project

14 JUL 2021  – Central Group, through Central Restaurants Group (CRG), in partnership with Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross, launches “Meal for You” project to deliver cooked meals, three times a day, from Aroi Dee restaurants and other brands under CRG to “green” COVID-19 patients under home isolation residing within 5km from the hospital. The food will be delivered via GrabExpress. Central Group also provides additional food budget to ensure that the patients can enjoy a wide variety of nutritious food while having access to teleclinic consultation with doctors.

Mr. Nath Vongphanich – President of Central Restaurants Group, said, “The number of COVID-19 patients has continued to rise, and there are not enough hospital beds. Therefore, home isolation has been initiated for ‘green’ cases. Hospitals will assess their conditions daily via online channels and send thermometers, medicine, and meals to them. Central Group through Central Restaurants Group, which operates restaurant franchises, has partnered with Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross, to provide cooked meals from Aroi Dee brand and other brands under CRG for home isolation patients of Chulalongkorn Hospital who reside within the 5km radius, three meals a day. Our business partner Grab, which offers delivery services, will deliver the meals via GrabExpress to the patients while adhering to safety and hygiene protocols. Patients’ data will be protected following the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), and the list of patients received from the hospital will be destroyed at the end of each day after the food has been delivered to them.”

“Additionally, Central Group has offered financial support and management support to public hospitals to facilitate patients and ensure that they can enjoy a wider variety of food without additional expenses.”


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