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Limited Edition Magnum Chocolate Truffle and Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Pop Now Available at 7-Eleven

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 JULY 2021 – Ice cream lovers, rejoice! Satisfy your indulgent chocolate cravings with 7-Eleven Malaysia’s latest exclusive release, the limited edition Wall’s Magnum Chocolate Truffle, now made available throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Behind its elegant packaging, this luxurious treat consists of velvety-smooth chocolate truffle sauce, swirled through creamy chocolate ice cream, and finally dipped into thick Belgian chocolate. A truly incredible double treat for all chocolate lovers!

What’s more, you can enjoy the premium taste of Magnum Chocolate Truffle (80ml) at only RM5.30 per stick exclusively at the nation’s largest convenience store chain. So, don’t wait to pamper your taste buds with this delicious frozen treat!

At the same time, those craving for a taste of yummy white malt ice-cream with chocolate malt swirls topped with Ovaltine Crunchy Flakes need to get their hands on the all-new Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Pop. Available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide for only RM3.90 – what a steal!

For more information on the exclusive limited edition Magnum Chocolate Truffle and Wall’s Ovaltine Crunchy Pop, visit www.7eleven.com.my or its official social media pages at 7ElevenMalaysia.

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