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Signature Market Now Able to Deliver Within the Next Day

Signature Market’s pack process system which is seamless and digitalised

Made possible due to its Malaysian made e-Commerce Fulfilment System

30 August 2021, Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand Signature Market has successfully established Malaysia’s first FMCG Direct to Consumer fulfillment hub, which handles 100% of its orders in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, namely grocery products. The hub currently occupies a total area across 22,800 sq ft with an expansion of 7,200 sq ft which will be ready by end of the year designed to cater to delivery within the next day if the order is placed before noon.

Signature Market is capable of fulfilling thousands of orders per day and facilitating the movement through its warehousing facilities to last-mile delivery fleets while ensuring excellent customer service even during the current national lockdown period.

The brand, well known for its healthful options for overall wellbeing has grown tremendously since its inception in 2014. It started off with just having 50 to 100 orders a day and is managing their fulfillment manually in a terrace house. Today Signature Market has their own fulfillment hub that is able to process 6,000 parcels a day with an average basket size of 16 items.

Back in 2018, it took between 10 to 12 days for the delivery. Furthermore, picking and packing of wrong items were an issue that registered a high error of 3%. With the establishment of its own fulfillment center, the number of shipment days have been further reduced to approximately 24 hours especially for those who place their orders before noon. The error rate was also reduced to 0.25%, hence improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

Edwin Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Signature Market

“We developed an integrated stock management and fulfillment system through our own in-house IT team that caters to our operations. It enables us to ensure seamless and fast deliveries to customers while offering excellent service. Our next-day delivery improved with an average of 37% of our customers receiving their parcels the following day. As for our pick and packing process, we target to achieve a 0% error rate by the end of this year and we are confident that we will be able to meet the target with our new IT infrastructures being in place,” added Edwin Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Signature Market.

Currently, the eCommerce Fulfillment Centre is processing 3,500 parcels a day, pick and packing over 50,000 items per day. Having premium products, coupled with seamless online shopping experience, Signature Market has been able to achieve a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85.3% which is a strong indication of its excellent service.  The team is committed to further improve its customer satisfaction through various innovative measures.

As Signature Market is in the groceries category of products, it guarantees the freshness and quality of the products are being maintained at all time by having a stringent quality control and stock sales estimation system that enables the production team to phase out the production and ensure sufficient stock.

“Our achievement to date is indeed a huge milestone for us and this is due to the immense support of our valuable customers. With our 64th Merdeka Day around the corner, it is truly something to reflect upon on how far we have progressed as a nation and the evolution of technology that has enabled us to leverage on it. It has contributed to the growth of our business and uplifted the lifestyle of many Malaysians. Our current goal is to export the business model with our Malaysian-made technology system and share the teaching of living consciously in Asia, which will touch the lives of many abundantly” concluded Wang.

About Signature Market

Signature market is a lifestyle FMCG brand with its vision to upgrade the community lifestyle and well-being in Asia. Through the teaching of conscious living, Signature Market believes that everyone deserves to live a happy & fulfilled life. Happiness starts from being healthy physically, mentally & spiritually. Signature Market is heading towards IPO in mid-2023 and expanding regionally is already in the picture.

For more info, visit www.signaturemarket.co




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