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Tealive presents Onde-Onde series

Tealive has launched Tealive Onde-Onde comprising Iced Onde-Onde and Onde-Onde Smoothie. The Malaysian beverage chain describes the new series as “topped with toasted coconut crunch & Tealive’s signature toppings, we know ‘onde’ you can appreciate this special tribute to our favourite local delight”

Onde-onde are the green-coloured glutinous rice balls popular in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The word ‘onde’ rhymes with ‘only’ as Tealive turns to The Platters – Only You (And You Alone) as the music for the TVC of its new Onde-Onde series.

After seeing so many ondeh-ondeh (onde-onde) innovations in 2021, we would like to say 2021 is the year of ondeh-ondeh. Hopefully we can move on from ondeh-ondeh in 2022 and give other local flavours a chance.


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