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“Thai President Foods” Reinforces Success in “Mama” Export Achieving Double Win in “Best Exporter” and “Best Thai Brand” from Prime Minister’s Export Award

Thai President Foods reinforces its remarkable strength and achievement as the manufacturer and exporter of “Mama” products with its winning of the highly prestigious Prime Minister’s Export Award 2021, presented by the Thai government, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce. Thai President Foods is announced as this year PM Export Award winner for the two categories, Best Exporter and Best Thai Brand. Prior to this, the Company won the Award 3 times in the category of Best Thai Brand in 1996, Best Exporter and Thai Owned Brand in 2004, and, Best AEC Business Enterprise Award in 2013

Miss Pojjana Paniangvait, Director of Thai President Foods PLC, revealed that Thai President Foods is a large manufacturer and distributor of food and beverage products whose cumulative sales in domestic and international markets marks more than 14,300 million baht per year. Thai President Foods runs five factories in Thailand and four overseas, in Hungary, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia. For over 30 years, Thai President Foods products have been distributed in every continent around the world, 68 countries in total, including the United States, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Lebanon, England, Ukraine, Iceland, China, India, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, etc. The value of export totaled more than 4,300 million baht in 2020. In addition to its major brand MAMA, Thai President Foods also exports a range of others product brands in Instant Noodles, Confectionary, and Beverage category including Ruski, Mendake, Thai Chef, Bamee, Mamy, Papa, President Rice, Bissin, Homey, Green Mate and Homey.

Thai President Foods has continuously increased its export while also expanding to the new market with the customer base growth and maintaining a positive brand image. Meanwhile, with its continuous product development, product certification, management efficiency, and Corporate Social Responsibility, the Company is recognized for the Prime Minister’s Export Award in the category of Best Exporter.

For Prime Minister’s Export Award 2021 in the category of Best Thai Brand, the Company earned the award for its trademark “Mama” brand. As the trademark brand of Thai President Foods, Mama brand products are widely acknowledged in the global market for its high quality, and authentic Thai and delicious taste. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, MAMA has been with Thai people for a long time and Thais are so connected to the brand that “Mama” has been used as the generic name to call instant noodles of any brands. Likewise, Mama also gains popularity among consumers overseas, with Shrimp Tom Yum Flavor as the all-time favorite among Asian consumers and Chicken Flavor among the Europeans. MAMA Brand provides an opportunity for people around the world to taste Thai Food.

Miss Pojjana further explained that key factor for successful business overseas market has been the product quality that meets global standards, namely, GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, SMETA, BRC, FAIR TRADE, etc. Other factors include the robust team of sales and R&D who continuously develop new products that cater around consumers’ demand, the excellent trading partners, business credibility and product diversity. Besides, Thai President Foods ensures to comply the technical and environmental requirement including the use of rice bran oil instead of palm oil in products exported in Europe to reduce the effect of palm plantation in the natural habitat of the Orangutans. Another example is the selection of packaging that participates in the Product Carbon Footprint Project, demonstrating that the Company has initiative in maintaining Corporate environmental responsibility.

“It is a great honor and pride for the team to receive the Prime Minister’s Export Award, a mark of success and assurance of quality from our dedication. Though we have been recognized with this prestigious award, we still proceed to enhance our products and service while ceaselessly advancing to meet and satisfy consumers’ demand. The Company targets to expand its market in at least four new countries each year, as well as to launch brand-new products to our portfolio every year,” Miss Pojjana affirmed.

The Prime Minister’s Export Award has a long history and is presented annually for the 30th consecutive year. The Prime Minister’s Export Award recipients are selected through the transparent and rigorous screening system by Award Selection Committees. The Award is given in recognition of Thai exporters and service providers with outstanding performance and exemplary products that meet global standards. The criteria for this distinction include pioneering the international trade arena under their own trade name and developing their products to become competitive in the global market. This award is by far the highest official award presented by the Thai government, the most prestigious honor for Thai exporters.


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