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HARVEST GOURMET Joins Forces with DEAN & DELUCA, Shaking Up the Plant-based Food Market

Wednesday 17 November 2021 – During the past ten years, healthy food has increasingly become a trend, both in Thailand and globally, while the market value of plant-based food has hit a rapid growth. HARVEST GOURMET(TM), a global plant-based food brand under the roof of Nestle thus continues its expansion, joining forces with DEAN & DELUCA to offer a versatile choice of meat-free dishes to shake up the plant-based industry while also increasing healthy alternatives that are not compromising surprising deliciousness.

Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer – Food and Nestle Professional, Nestle Indochina, said “HARVEST GOURMET(TM), a plant-based food innovation by Nestle (Thai) Co., Ltd., is committed to offering products that address the needs of Thai consumers and to fulfilling Nestle’s global ambition in protecting the environment as a global citizen. Nestle believes that the more people are oriented towards plant-based diets, the better the world could be. We thus aim to cater meat alternatives to those who wish to abstain from meat and have a healthier lifestyle while still preferring good taste and nutrient richness. This is to enhance both health and the environment, as well as creating a sustainable future for the world.”

A currently growing trend is a result of the shifting lifestyles of the Thai consumers towards being flexitarians, meaning they became more health conscious and tended to have less meat in some meals. Nestle sees the growing potential in the plant-based market within the country, backed by the research data obtained in 2021 that found the market value of meat alternative foods did reach a total of 1,579 million baht. The growth was contributed by the HORECA segment: Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe and Catering, achieving 11% growth, or equivalent to 900 million baht, while the retail category reached 9.1% growth, equivalent to 679 million baht.

“Plant-based food innovation HARVEST GOURMET(TM) by Nestle (Thai) Co., Ltd. is targeted to strengthen the plant-based trends by introducing meat-free consumption to a wider range of consumers in Thailand. Due to such reason, we decided to collaborate with a globally renowned brand like DEAN & DELUCA, an iconic gourmet food and beverage brand from New York, to develop menus from non-meat options to pamper all consumers with surprising deliciousness. Consumers can now enjoy our offerings at all participating branches of DEAN & DELUCA, another way to simply find plant-based tastiness. We expect that this will totally be on the list of all plant-based fans,” added Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit.

Ms. Chitrayus Osathanon, Managing Director, DEAN & DELUCA Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. commented that “DEAN & DELUCA is committed to obtaining high quality food products. We always introduce innovative dishes that contain premium ingredients sourced globally and also prioritize different needs of consumers in the new era, which invariably change. As we have noticed the increasing healthy food trends, whether they are those of vegetarian food or plant-based options for flexitarian wishing to abstain from meat and caring more about the environment, we looked for a plant-based food producer that offers premium quality and good taste in the market. We then agreed that HARVEST GOURMET(TM) could perfectly complement our brand missions with those meat-like taste and textures. The products perfectly suit the concept of vegetarian and flexitarian food. Importantly, by being offered under Nestle (Thai) Co., Ltd., they strengthen confidence of all restaurant operators regarding the high quality, good taste, nutrient richness and safety to consumers.”

Menu items crafted by HARVEST GOURMET(TM) and DEAN & DELUCA have blended meticulously cooked non-meat ingredients with surprising deliciousness. It is rich in protein and fibers, and no preservatives and artificial colors are added, a perfect choice for all green foodies, Vegetarian and Flexitarian (not for Vegan) who are fascinated with DEAN & DELUCA’s cooking charm. There are 6 menus to choose from including The DEAN OMG Plant-Based Burger, rich and juicy as it tastes just like real meat; Zaab Chargrilled Plant-Based Salad, a light and healthy option with refreshing and fiery taste; Hola Chargrilled Plant-Based Taco, an unmissable dish for Mexican food fans; Crispy Plant-Based Schnitzel & Fries, a comfort fried food classic that features DEAN & DELUCA’s signature Tatar sauce; Plant-Based Penne Pink Bolognese, a creamy concoction of plant-based Bolognese combined with al dente penne pasta; and Kaprow Plant-Based Couscous, an easy-and-go menu choice for office workers or those who have limited time on their hands.

For marketing plans of HARVEST GOURMET(TM) in the years to come, Nestle (Thai) Co., Ltd. is determined to collaborate with major restaurant chains and other possible business partners to deliver the impressive brand experiences of plant-based food from HARVEST GOURMET(TM). You can now taste the 6 favorite dishes at several branches of DEAN & DELUCA, including Central Embassy, EmQuartier, The Crystal, Park Ventures, Sathorn Square, All Seasons Place, FYI Center, Mitrtown Office Tower

Partners interested in plant-based food offered by HARVEST GOURMET(TM) can contact Nestle Professional at 02-657-8625 Ext. 1. Stay tuned and never miss all the upcoming menu items created by HARVEST GOURMET(TM) and its partners at https://www.nestleprofessional.co.th/harvest-gourmet


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