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Sappe launches Maxtive coffee with black galingale

Sappe PCL has launched Maxtive coffee with black galingale. The instant coffee is free from sugar and cholesterol and is low in calorie (70kcal). It comes with zinc to strengthen testosterone and increase the body’s immune system of the body, while l-arginine helps increase sperm count.

Black galingale is Thailand’s male enhancement herb that also improves endurance and vitality as well as increases strength and energy.

Sappe has earlier launched Maxtive coffee with Cordyceps and vitamin B complex, which is produced exclusively for health-conscious men. The nutrient dense Cordyceps in the coffee will provide health benefits to the consumers, while vitamin B complex can help reduce fatigue. Maxtive coffee is a sugar-free and zero-calorie drink that targets 3-in-1 coffee consumers.


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