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Beginning physical classes with ‘Safer Schools’

The Safer Schools Campaign has distributed 622 facial recognition infrared thermometers worth RM1.6 million to 300 SK, SKJC, and SKJT schools nationwide.

Carlsberg Malaysia completes distributing its contribution of thermometers and disinfection services to benefit 300 schools nationwide for the second consecutive year

SHAH ALAM, 10 January 2022 – With physical classes scheduled to begin today, parents, teachers and also students are set to have peace of mind with Carlsberg Malaysia’s Safer Schools Campaign, which aims to provide a safer learning environment for both students and teachers.

Running for the second consecutive year, the ‘Safer Schools’ campaign is a testament to the brewer’s commitment to reaching out to the community in need. Carlsberg Malaysia has completed distributing all 622 facial recognition infrared thermometers worth RM1.6 million to 300 SK, SKJC, and SKJT schools nationwide as the country continue to combat against unabating COVID-19 pandemic.

Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia

“We have always believed in giving back to the communities we operate in, which is why we took matters into our own hands when the pandemic struck. We are proud to say that we saw an overwhelming response through the submissions for Safer Schools 2021, which we have received over 400 applications for the infrared thermometers,” said Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

“In trying times like this, we want to do our part in being an exemplary responsible corporation to others by staying true to our commitment of giving back to the society via our Safer Schools campaign, a step up in response to address public fears over the COVID-19 outbreak. With all the encouraging words and positive reviews received from schools and consumers, this showcases that this campaign has been successful in aiding the primary schools in need to combat against the virus,” Clini added.

In November of last year, the brewer has recently bagged the “Company of the Year” under the manufacturing of beverage sector for the second time at the 6th edition Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2021. Carlsberg Malaysia’s COVID-19 relief program named Safer Schools campaign was recognised as an exemplary project in providing meaningful intervention and solution for communities involved.

Notably, the Safer Schools Campaign has received a great number of positive feedback from both the schools and the parents as they found the infrared thermometer and disinfection services highly helpful in curbing the spread of the pandemic, by ensuring that everyone entering the school compound is safe and adheres to the SOPs set by the government.

Carlsberg Malaysia’s Safer Schools 2021, which has received over 400 applications for the infrared thermometers, completes distributing its contribution of thermometers and disinfection services to benefit 300 schools nationwide.

“It will make it easy to check temperature and take steps to protect our teachers, staff and visitors from any possible infections. It is also really helpful for the smooth operations of the school, which has 36 teachers and 610 pupils studying in 16 classes,” said Thamilarasu Subramaniam, headmaster of SJK (T) Persiaran Raja Muda Musa.

“The facial-recognition infrared thermometers were helpful to efficiently monitor the temperatures of pupils, teachers, staff, parents and visitors upon their arrival, and to ensure the school could practise precautionary safety measures during the endemic phase of COVID-19,” said the school’s Parent-Teacher Association president Utiyasoorian Balaraman.

Other than providing schools with facial-recognition infrared thermometers and disinfection services, the Safer Schools campaign has also introduced a catchy Safer Schools song via a music video. This song exhibits the measures and SOPs one needs to comply in order to fight the spread of COVID-19 in a fun and light-hearted manner.

The brewer aims to address the inevitable anxiety through this song by focusing on the positive measures everyone can collectively fight against the pandemic.

The music video, which is made so simple that the song and dance can be practiced and performed with peers and teachers at school, is a simple stress-reducing workout to learn about the importance of personal hygiene and pandemic defence measures, and ultimately promote good physical and mental health.

Delivered in a mix of four languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil, the music video features simple dance moves to inject a degree of fun and interactivity to the teaching of personal hygiene and protection measures against COVID-19, which are performed by local artistes and social media influencers Elica Paujin, Han Xiao Aii, and Rabbit Mac.

Check out the music video here https://youtu.be/yCV5kYw5jpE.


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