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Taste the Indonesian balado flavour with Mister Potato

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Mamee-Double Decker is introducing Malaysians to the taste of balado with the new Mister Potato Balado. Balado is a type of hot and spicy bumbu (spice mixture) found in Minang cuisine of West Sumatra, according to Wikipedia. The balado flavoured Mister Potato was previously launched in Indonesia in 2018.

Also introduced together with Mister Potato Balado is Mister Potato Roasted Beef. Both potato chips are made in Indonesia by PT Pacific Food Indonesia at its Tangerang factory in West Java.

At Giant, the imported Mister Potato Balado/Roasted Beef in a 85g canister is priced at RM 3.59 (USD 0.86). As a comparison, the locally-made Mister Potato (assorted flavours) in a larger 150g canister has a price tag of RM 4.70.


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