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PepsiCo releases Sting Espresso energy drink

Photo credit: Minimeinsights.com

PepsiCo’s Sting energy drink in Vietnam now comes in espresso flavour. The coffee and energy drink blend is nothing new in Vietnam as Vinacafe Bien Hoa JSC, a unit of Masan, already has a popular Wake-Up 247 energy drink in coffee flavour. In carbonated soft drink, The Coca-Cola has Coke Coffee, which has been released in over 25 countries worldwide including in Vietnam.

Both coffee and energy drink are wake-me up drinks and are suitable to be turned into a 2-in-1 drink to appeal to both coffee and energy drink consumers.

We anticipate Sting Espresso has huge potential as the beverage does not have the taste commonly associated with energy drink. On the contrary, it has a strong coffee taste and has strong appeal with consumers elsewhere who need the duo power of coffee and energy drink to stay alert.

Sting Espresso will put PepsiCo in a strong position to fend off attempt by Masan, which has set a strong ambition to increase its market share in the energy drink market from 7% now to 25-30% in the medium term.



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