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Roll In The K-Wave Fun With JACK ‘N JILL Roller Coaster’s New Korean-Inspired Spicy Seaweed Flavour!

JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster’s new limited-edition flavour, Spicy Seaweed, is now available in Malaysia. JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster Spicy Seaweed offers just the right amount of spicy kick combined with the savoury taste of seaweed in the popular JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster crunchy potato rings.

The new flavour is set to become a favourite snack for many Malaysians who are already familiar with the flavoursome cuisine of Korea. To top off the fun from snacking on this awesome new flavour, fans will also get a chance to win a total of RM20,000 worth of prizes which includes the Grand Prize of a Samsung Galaxy S Series mobile phone when they participate in the JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster K-wave Fun & Win Contest. Other prizes up for grabs are a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and 30 cash prizes worth RM250 each.

The K-wave Fun & Win Contest runs from 1 Feb to 31 March 2022, and it is super easy to be in the running for the attractive prizes:

Step 1: Purchase RM5 worth of JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster with at least one latest Spicy Seaweed flavour. Make sure to retain the receipt.

Step 2: Take a creative photo of you doing the K-wave Fun Masit-da pose with BOTH JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster Spicy Seaweed packaging and its potato ring(s).

Step 3: Upload the photo to your Instagram or Facebook page, and make sure to tag JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster Facebook or Instagram pages, and hashtag #JACKnJILLRollerCoasterSpicySeaweed #JACKnJILLRollerCoasterMasitda.

Not sure what photos to take? Let JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster K-inspired influencers and faces of the contest give you some ideas! Follow Alex Ho (@alex_hkf), Kasih Iris Leona (@kasihirisleona) and Akmal Zahiruddin (@zahirzxm) on their social media to see how they are rolling out the K-wave Fun Masit-da pose in a fun and creative way with JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster Spicy Seaweed.

For more information, please visit www.urc.com.my or www.facebook.com/urc.rollercoaster. Let the fun times roll with JACK ‘n JILL Roller Coaster new Spicy Seaweed.


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