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Enjoy a taste of Sarawak at myNEWS with new Maru Nipah Nira Latte

myNEWS is offering Maru Nipah Nira Latte (RM 5.99), its latest coffee offering. Maru Nipah Nira Latte is an aromatic flavoured coffee with golden caramel syrup that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Enjoy a taste of the Sarawak nipah palm tree sugar, coupled together with our 100% Arabica beans coffee for a taste that will definitely make your day.

The convenience store chain has also launched the Ayam Percik series, which brings together the best of Japanese Malaysian fusion. Bite into the Ayam Percik Onigiri (RM 4.20) to enjoy seaweed-wrapped Japanese rice filled with fragrant and flavourful ayam percik. We also have the Ayam Percik Sandwich (RM 5.90) which is made of soft and fluffy Japanese sliced bread with an ayam percik patty.


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