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Take Your Raya Dishes Up A Notch With Must-Try Viral Recipes From Ayam Brand™

Roti Jala

SHAH ALAM, May 11, 2022 – Hari Raya Aidilfitri is here, and there will be feasting throughout the month of Syawal. Do you need some standby recipes to wow your family, friends and guests? Ayam Brand has you covered with four must-try viral recipes that will have everyone asking for more!

With endemicity, we get to visit each other again. Present your loved ones with delicious dishes that they will remember for all the best reasons. As with many Malay delicacies, these three viral dishes are rich with coconut milk. The nutty taste and fragrant aroma of coconut milk infused rendangs, snacks, kuihs and desserts are a must during this time.

Squeezing coconut milk from scratch can be a hassle. Ayam Brand™ provides you with a quick, convenient and affordable alternative with each pack of 200ml is equivalent to the santan from one coconut, taking the guesswork out of cooking with santan.

Ayam Brand has been providing the great taste and health benefits of coconut milk, in convenient packs for decades. Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk is hygienically squeezed from selected ripe coconuts, then sealed in convenient tetra packs using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) technology, which helps in preserving the freshness of the milk as if they are freshly squeezed. You can use Ayam Brand™ Classic Coconut Milk, Ayam Brand™ Trim Coconut Milk (45% reduced in fat) or Ayam Brand™ Super Light Coconut Milk (only 5% of fat!) depending on your preference. For the health-conscious, you can use Ayam Brand™ Organic Coconut Milk as it is certified organic by European Union organic certification. Now with screw on caps so you can use what you need and refrigerate the rest for up to three days.

Add these four viral dishes from experienced home cooks, and from the Ayam Brand™ test kitchen to your Raya and Syawal rotation. Here’s how:

Rendang Ayam by Fara (https://www.instagram.com/p/CdXnLLeBjVL/)

Rendang Ayam

Rendang Ayam is a must-have in most Malaysian homes during Raya festivities. This viral recipe cuts down on the time needed to make rendang through clever hacks yet retains the richness of the best rendang.

“Rendang Ayam is my signature dish. Over the years, I’ve experimented on numerous hacks and tweaks to cut down the time to get that well-spiced, santan rich taste. Using Ayam Brand™ Classic Coconut Milk is one of the hacks because it just cuts down the time spent in preparing santan. It is thick and creamy and I know that each pack is equivalent to one coconut making it so easy to incorporate into any recipe,” remarks Fara.

Roti Jala with Curry by Ayam Brand™

A simple roti jala and curry – evergreen and ever so scrumptious. This classic Malaysian tea-time snack is quick and easy to make, and healthier too when using Ayam Brand™ Trim Coconut Milk that only has 45% fat compared to regular coconut milk. Ideal for when you  are sort of full on Raya feasting but can manage a few more tasty delicacies.

Nona Manis by Wan Sakinah (https://www.instagram.com/p/CdXzlxkp5wA/)

Nona Manis

A fan-favourite traditional kuih, this colourful and charming sweet treat will brighten up any kuih stand or serving tray.

“Nona Manis is sweet, very pretty with the hint of pandan and the nuttiness of santan. Made correctly, you can taste the love in each bite. As most of the kuih and cookies are very rich, I used Ayam Brand™ Trim Coconut Milk that only has 45% fat to add lightness while maintaining the taste.”, Wan Sakinah explains.

Bunga Khanom Chan by Rozita (https://www.instagram.com/p/CczIgOzhjhO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)

Kuih Khanom Chan

This unique Thai dessert only requires the always available items in your pantry such as coconut milk, water, salt, sugar, with blue pea flower juice (bunga telang) for natural colouring. With only heating and steaming as its cooking method and taking only 25 minutes of your time, you will find yourself making this stunningly pretty and scrumptious hassle-free dessert ahead of time.

“My family love the taste of this santan goodness of this Thai dessert. Bunga Khanom Chan is a show-stopper that has all our guests asking for the recipe. I use Ayam Brand™ Super Light Coconut Milk because it is lighter and is enhanced with coconut water for delicate yet flavourful taste, hence giving this pencuci mulut a more delicate taste. Try it yourself, you will love it”, says Rozita.

Ayam Brand™ products are widely available from Aeon, Aeon Big, Giant, Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Bens, Hero, Mydin, TF Value, The Store/Pacific, Econsave, Matahari or visit the Ayam Brand™ Official stores on Shopee and Lazada. Look out for the Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk Value Pack of 3 X 200ml. This festive pack is ideal for families or if you will be doing a lot of santan based cooking.  Available at RM8.55.

So, which of these viral recipes catch your attention the most? Which one are you inspired to make? Each of these recipes are unique and scrumptious on their own. With Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk, you don’t have to stress about your signature Raya dishes anymore!


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