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Mirinda Berry Soda is now available in Thailand

June 17, 2022 – Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Company Limited, manufacturer and distributor of beverages under the Suntory and PepsiCo brands in Thailand, invites you to continue spicing up your lives to unleash fizzy happiness and refreshing for an ultimate in joyous moments as well as refreshing up all colors of cool and great excitement in life with a great refreshing taste of the new berry-flavored soft drink “Mirinda Berry Soda”. It features a sensual harmony between the sweet fragrance of blueberry and refreshing soda that has been created for you to indulge in unbreakable moments of happiness. The new alluring taste of “Mirinda Berry Soda” assures that you can enjoy the delicious berry-flavored fizzy soft drink and feel good until the last drop.

Let’s spice up your life with an appetizing taste of “Mirinda Berry Soda” for a refreshing experience today. It is available in 345-ml and 440-ml PET bottles at convenience stores, retail and wholesale outlets, supermarkets, and leading department stores nationwide. For more information, visit Facebook MirindaThailand


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