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Combat Rising Inflation with Fave!

Fave offers up to 80% discounts on your daily essentials throughout July

Kuala Lumpur, 7 July 2022: The recent national inflation rate is in, numbers have once again surpassed the average inflation rate, as compared to May last year, according to DOSM. The numbers are unlikely to be decreasing anytime soon. Unfortunately, the top indexes hit by inflation are huge factors of our daily lives; petrol, automotive, food and self-pampering. While the statistics are affecting the average Malaysian in significant ways, with a little financial management, open-mindedness and careful planning, Fave can help keep their needs met during this difficult time.


Fave is here offering deals and rewards for Malaysians to benefit from while coping with increasing prices everywhere, so they can worry less about their spending needs, ranging from food, automotive, home necessities and self-care maintenance while enjoying a thriving social life!


Shop now and save over 80% via Fave app!

Promo codes* are as below:

  • SEVEN7 : 7% e-Cashback. Valid for all categories till 7 July
  • POOL5 : RM5 e-Cashback, min. Spend RM20. Valid for all categories from 8-22 July & 24-31 July
  • BDAY50 : 50% e-Cashback, up to RM5. Valid for all categories only on 23 July

Flavourful food options at a lower price

Just because the prices of your favourite cafes have gone up, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your value for money anywhere. Fave suggests a few flavourful options like Teppanyaki, Victoria Station and Sukishi from their platform, which will allow you to enjoy and indulge with your friends and family.

Get your fresh air fix before it’s too late (and too hot)!

The weather has been unbearable nowadays. A functioning and cooling unit is essential to keep us cool and comfortable at all times. Skipping air conditioner maintenance may result in serious issues that would eventually require major repair. Fave customers can now engage a professional servicing company like New Generation Air Condition, at a lower price to ensure  their house air conditioner units are well-maintained and save money in the long run.

Automotive needs and upgrades

Achieve a better safety level and avoid that aquarium look on your car with the security tinting from Cool Master. The film tint is not just for the looks, but it also provides additional shatter resistance to the glass windows, and enhances comfort levels by reducing glare and providing additional privacy.

Sanitise your car at just RM5! Making the car clean and pristine wouldn’t be a problem with an exclusive nano mist treatment deal by Wasch Das. This treatment is a cost effective way to control germs and bacteria, by going through  a deep cleaning process that is able to kill 99% of germs and bacteria, not only on the surface, but also in the hidden areas of the passenger compartment.

Apart from vehicle servicing, consumers will also be able to purchase discounted petrol vouchers from Fave for their travel needs. Throughout this campaign period, the participating petrol stations are Petronas and Shell.

Self-care becomes affordable!

Fave has got your back for your self-pampering needs, such as mani-pedi and eyelash extensions. Offering complete nail care treatment with its Classic Mani-Pedi, FiNailly Beauty Care helps you to maintain the health and style of your nails.  Bubble Gum Lash on the other hand, offers natural eyelash extensions to help you achieve the no make-up look, by making your eyes look naturally defined, with bolder and fluffier lashes.

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*These deals are limited redemptions, valid for FaveDeals & eCards only. T&C applies.


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