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URC Chill Spiked Spirit with zero added sugar is made for chill and relax

Image from URC

URC has finally entered into the alcoholic drink segment in the Philippines with the launch of Chill Spiked Spirit with a 5% alcohol content. The latest alcoholic beverage is made with double distilled alcohol and real fruit extract. The drink has zero added sugar sweetened with artificial sweetener but it still has sugar from the juice concentrate.

Chill Spiked Spirit is described as a drink that you can enjoy as you chill and relax. The range comes in three delicious flavours including Red Apple, Lemon-Lime or Lychee in a 330ml sleek can.

Compared to the hard seltzer in the market usually with less than 100 calories per serving, Chill Spiked Spirit is not a low calorie drink. The lychee flavour has 230 calories per serving, Red Apple has 210 calories and Lychee has 210 calories. The serving size is 330ml.

The move into the alcoholic space comes at a time when Filipino consumers, especially the younger generation, want something flavourful with a lower alcoholic content.

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