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The inaugural launch of UNDERGROUND ice cream in Singapore

Contemporary guilt-free deliciousness in every scoop

Singapore, 23 August 2022 – One of the perfect ways to share happiness is to share ice cream. Ice cream connoisseurs will revel in a tub of frozen bliss while secretly wishing for the treat to be lower in calories. This August, we welcome the inaugural launch of UNDERGROUND ice cream, a resplendent guilt-free range from Food Union, featuring three contemporary flavours.

UNDERGROUND was concocted after four Danish medical students travelled to New York and visited the best creameries the Big Apple had to offer. Undoubtedly, the inspiration led to bold flavours in each tub while embodying the New York City vibes with a vision to surface underground and undiscovered creative talents. The delightful range of dessert is full of flavours and made with natural, high-quality ingredients. Each tub is low in calories, with no more than 400 calories per tub, for guilt-free enjoyment without compromising taste. It has taken Denmark by storm and is currently the number one selling low-calorie ice cream. It is now time for Singapore to taste and discover this splendid taste.   

Be thrilled by the irresistible UNDERGROUND Cocoa with Chunky Bits of Chocolate ice cream, a rich and silky flavour for those who love anything chocolaty, and even more indulgent are its added bits of chocolate. This delectable flavour is available in 500 ml tubs and contains 272 calories per tub. 

Next on the enticing list of flavours is the gorgeous UNDERGROUND Strawberries with White Chocolate. Lovers of all things berries will excite their taste buds with the refreshing piquant taste of the fragrant soft red fruit. Finish each bite with a satisfying crunch from the white chocolate chunks. Each 500 ml tub comprises only 291 calories.

One of the most popular go-to flavours is the toasty UNDERGROUND Salty Caramel with Salted Almonds. A treat for the taste buds with sweet and salty sensorial delight with every scoop. Taste buds will also be teased with the robust flavour of salted almonds for an added nuttiness. The layers of deliciousness found in this ice cream is available in 500 ml tubs containing 371 calories per tub. 

Wait no more to devour these desirable Danish-made desserts at home and at hang-out sessions with friends, or even in the great outdoors. All three flavours are now available at all Cold Storage outlets at a Recommended Selling Price of S$13.90 per tub. 

For more information on UNDERGROUND and its current promotions, please visit UNDERGROUND Instagram www.instagram.com/underground_icecream_sg for its latest news promotions or its official website https://foodunionasia.com/fu/brands/underground 


Born of bright roots and hidden talents, four medical students from Denmark, inspired by their travels to New York’s best creameries, took the unconventional route and crafted Underground with the aim of producing an ice cream from natural, high-quality ingredients that tasted sensational. Never compromising on the delight of full flavour. Underground now offers smooth-finish ice-cream in bold flavours with ultra low-calorie recipes. Taking Denmark by storm, Underground is currently trending as their #1 selling low calorie ice cream and its vision is to surface underground, undiscovered creative talents.   


Food Union is the leading ice cream producer in the Baltics and Denmark, and the group holds a strong market position in Norway, Romania, Russia and Belarus. A leading, innovative consumer goods company, Food Union develops local brands and delivers delightful products in the premium snacking, ice-cream and dairy categories. Food Union is a dynamic player in the European dairy sector. Food Union Group is backed by Hong Kong-based investment company Meridian Capital Limited, and one of Asia’s largest private capital firms, PAG.          



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