Celebrating local food trends in conjunction with 9.9 Super Shopping Day

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 SEPTEMBER 2022 With our rich food culture, Malaysians are often spoilt for choice. What immediately comes to our minds about our delicious array of food are the charcoal-flamed, flavourful plate of Penang Char Kuew Teow, succulent and the goodness of Ipoh Chicken Rice, the iconic and aromatic Nasi Lemak, and one of the Top 50 world’s best desserts, Cendol. Getting hungry, already?  

The food delivery industry in Malaysia has seen an increase in popularity, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the convenience and wide variety of food options available at their fingertips, Malaysians increasingly prefer online food delivery. According to Statista.com1, in August last year, 33% of Malaysian respondents stated that they spent between RM20 – RM30 on one order via a food delivery app and around 11% of those spent RM50 or more.  

ShopeeFood connects Shopee users to various eateries, from popular joints to local street food stalls, at the best value. ShopeeFood is available in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There are over 2,000 cuisines to choose from depending on your mood and taste for the day.  

“In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly reliant and comfortable with digital services, including food delivery. Malaysians have readily adopted this trend as it provides the convenience, value, and variety that online food offers. ShopeeFood is thrilled to offer our users the best food and at the same time enjoy the seamlessness of our platform by paying with ShopeePay, our integrated mobile wallet,” said Mr. Cheok Tuan Ee, Head of Marketing for ShopeePay and ShopeeFood. 

ShopeeFood User’s Top Favourite Cuisines 

As they say, you are not a Malaysian if you do not like Malaysian food. ShopeeFood users from all six locations seem to have a top favourite, which is the crispy and hearty Roti Canai. Whether it is Roti Canai Biasa or Telur, top it with your favourite curry, it is worth savouring every bite. Another hot favourite from Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Johor and Penang is the popular beverage, Coffee. Hot, cold, grande or local kopi at the Mamak, coffee is a much-needed boost.     

ShopeeFood users didn’t leave out the most important staple food in Malaysia, which is rice. Penangites of course love their Nasi Kandar and Selangor and Penang has a favour for a delicious packet of Chicken Rice. How can we forget our favourite Nasi Lemak as users from Selangor and Johor voted it as one of their top favourite food. 

“Looks like the popular everyday Malaysian food, Roti Canai is a winner on ShopeeFood across our locations. Who doesn’t like a hot steaming plate of Roti Canai especially when it can be delivered right to your doorstep? Our merchants work hand in hand to provide a smooth delivery experience including going digital by using our mobile wallet, ShopeePay,” quipped Mr. Cheok Tuan Ee. 

Here is the complete list of ShopeeFood user’s top five favourite cuisines!  

Let’s Get Hungry with ShopeeFood!  

Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya  

‘Bang, roti canai, satu,’. Sounds familiar? Looks like the staple food for most Malaysians is the Roti Canai Biasa’ and Coffee, whether it is for breakfast or supper. Satay ‘Ayam’ or Daging’ seem to be a favourite choice too, especially added with the delicious and flavourful ‘Kuah Kacang’. Next up we have the famous Fried Rice, particularly for Nasi Goreng Kampung’ followed by ‘Nasi Goreng Ayam’. Oh, wait! Don’t forget the Fried Egg too or fondly known as ‘Telur Dadar’.   

  1. Roti Canai  
  2. Coffee 
  3. Satay (Chicken and Beef) 
  4. Fried Rice (Kampung and Chicken) 
  5. Fried Egg (Telur Dadar)


Roti Canai Biasa’ tops it again as the first choice. Now, we have another Malaysian favourite, the iconic and aromatic ‘Nasi Lemak Biasa’. It is like food for the soul for us, don’t you agree? The popular Chicken Rice is a must too. It may look like it is just a plate of rice and a cut of steamed or roasted chicken, but the flavours come alive with each spoonful. Another food choice Malaysians can’t live without is Fried Chicken, especially on cheat days. Love spicy food? ‘Nasi Ayam Penyet’ accompanied with flaming ‘sambal’ has that kick you can’t resist!   

  1. Roti Canai  
  2. Nasi Lemak  
  3. Chicken Rice 
  4. Fried Chicken 
  5. Nasi Ayam Penyet 


Roti Canai Biasa’ scores again with the additional favourite of ‘Roti Canai Telur’. Malaysians do love their eggs! Coffee seems to be their favourite too followed by ‘Nasi Lemak Ayam’. The crunch from the fried chicken or the spice from the chicken rendang does the trick every time. If you are a fan of comfort food (though most of our cuisines are comfort food), Bubur or Porridge seem to be a favourite for Johorians. Warm and tasty! And lastly, we have one of the 50 best street foods in Asia, released on CNN recently on their Asian food list. Drum rolls, please. The sweet and sour-fish-based soup, ‘Asam Laksa’. Can we get a bowl, please?   

  1. Roti Canai  
  2. Coffee 
  3. Nasi Lemak Ayam 
  4. Chicken Porridge 
  5. Asam Laksa


The succulent Chicken Rice hits the spot as the top favourite followed by again, Roti Canai Biasa’. Next up we have of course the ‘Nasi Kandar’. Almost everyone who visits Penang won’t leave without a hot plate of Nasi Kandar. Now, you can order via ShopeeFood, anytime! Penangites do love their Coffee and guess what, Iced Tea too. Certainly, refreshing on a hot day. Lastly, we have an international cuisine which is loved by Malaysians, ‘Sushi’. Goodness in every bite.   

  1. Chicken Rice 
  2. Roti Canai  
  3. Nasi Kandar 
  4. Coffee and Iced Tea 
  5. Sushi


Ipoh is known for its beautiful limestone karst mountains, caves, serene hot springs, and delicious food. ‘Sushi’ seems to be a favourite and wait for it, Roti Canai Biasa’. ‘Keropok Lekor’ is top of the list too, as it is a popular snack any time of the day. Fried Chicken is also a local favourite, an easy-to-order food. Oh, finally a dessert. Ice cream is a must-have choice to complete a meal or whenever you like it.   

  1. Sushi 
  2. Roti Canai  
  3. Keropok Lekor 
  4. Fried Chicken 
  5. Ice Cream

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Besides the majestic mountains and beautiful beaches, food is an attraction too and ShopeeFood delivers right to your doorstep. Let’s explore the top cuisines. The award should be given to Roti Canai’ as it is one of their top favourite foods to order, both ‘Roti Canai Biasa’ and ‘Roti Canai Telur’. Another favourite is Pasta, and you can find a variety of Pasta on the App. Chicken Porridge is popular too, perfect for a cold night. Now, on for some sweet treats. ‘Milk Tea with Pearls’ has become a popular beverage, especially among millennials. Sabahans also like ordering Waffles, which can be enjoyed and is available any time of the day.     

  1. Roti Canai  
  2. Pasta 
  3. Chicken Porridge 
  4. Milk Tea with Pearls 
  5. Waffles 

Countdown starts now to 9.9 Super Shopping Day  

ShopeeFood 9.9 Super Deals (09.09.2022) 

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