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Julie’s Biscuits Pays Tribute To Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh

Image Credit: Julie's

Kuala Lumpur, 13 March 2023 – When Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh was nominated in the Best Actress category of the 95th Academy Awards, she made history by being the first nominee to openly identify as Asian. Now, as a winner of the coveted award, she stands even taller. In view of her 40-year journey as an actress originating from Malaysia, Malaysian-born brand Julie’s Biscuits has paid tribute to her achievements.

As a homegrown brand that believes in female empowerment, Julie’s Biscuits published congratulatory messages to Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh on out-of-home media in Malaysia and on social media.

The tribute features a tweaked version of the Julie’s Biscuits logo, to resemble Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh. It is accompanied by a simple congratulatory message to the 60-year-old, Ipoh-born actress.

Sai Tzy Horng, Director of Julie’s Biscuits, said: “I am incredibly proud of Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh. She is truly an international icon and a pride and joy to all fellow Malaysians. As a Malaysian household biscuit icon, we want to congratulate her by paying tribute to her remarkable achievement in her Oscar nomination amongst many other impressive milestones in her illustrious career. She has proven time and again that she is one of Malaysia’s most revered national treasures.

Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s energy and spirit embodies Julie’s values — humility, openness, fearlessness and a slight hint of cheeky irreverence. Her inspirational journey reminds us all to hold our heads up high – similar to our Julie’s icon – and inspires us to work hard for our dreams. Thank you Tan Sri and congratulations to you!”

In addition, Jimmy Neo, Group Creative Director of GOVT Singapore (the creative agency of Julie’s Biscuits) added: “When we knew that Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh was nominated, we thought that a simple, sincere tribute would be appropriate, to honour all her achievements over the years. She’s an inspiration to all.”


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