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Brief Introduction from Cheah Yee Yang (Head of Account Management foodpanda) on behalf of Jay Ar. Juan (Senior Commercial Director foodpanda)

Kuala Lumpur, September 28, 2022 – Malaysia offers a variety of exciting local cuisines that are celebrated and loved by Malaysians. However, one option definitely stands out and that is the staple food of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak! Being a tech company that strongly leverages on data, foodpanda Malaysia has brought together some of the local favourites, for attendees to devour at a media tasting event held at the foodpanda HQ in Bangsar South today.

This media tasting event is one of the many efforts carried out by foodpanda Malaysia to not only provide local SMEs as well as HomeChefs the platform to shine but to also provide them with more brand exposure that could potentially boost their sales. This is in line with the Malaysian government’s efforts to support small businesses and spur the local economy.

Commenting on this media session, Jay Ar. Juan, Senior Commercial Director, foodpanda Malaysia said, “Besides delivering joy to Malaysians all over, we are also passionate in helping small vendors overcome barriers and create inspiring success stories of their own. Our hope in the long-run is for more Malaysians to be supportive of our local businesses and continue to empower them through our app. In the past, foodpanda’s efforts have been evident, especially with the launch of HomeChefs specifically for small businesses and special perks such as insurance schemes and more. Through all that we do, we want to serve you – customers, vendors, delivery partners. All Malaysians.”

“In conjunction with the recent National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations, we have decided to introduce you to some of the incredible local businesses that offer different variations of this classic Malaysian dish. For most people, Nasi Lemak is considered to be a staple item in their household and personally for me, it is one of my favourite local dishes. Based on our data, we also found that this much-loved dish continues to be one of the top ordered items for most foodpanda users and we want you to try them all and tell us which is your favourite,” added Jay Ar.

The invention of Nasi Lemak interestingly came about from the mere necessity to exploit readily available ingredients such as coconut, as well as the flavourful outcome of adding it to rice, thus resulting in the innovation of Nasi Lemak. In the modern day, although originally introduced as a breakfast dish, Malaysians all over have grown accustomed to enjoying this delectable meal at any time of the day; be it the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. Listed below are the five vendors, in no particular order, who have perfected the Nasi Lemak dish, delivering hundreds of plates to hungry customers.

First in line is the formidable Nasi Ayam Mafia. Located in Sepang, they are known for a spicy and thick version of Nasi Lemak. The difference in their Nasi Lemak flavours will be undeniably apparent due to the impressive fact that all their ingredients are freshly imported from Thailand. Don’t miss the opportunity to pair it with their crispy yet juicy fried chicken.

Next up, we have Nasi Lemak Saleha, a truly inspiring business success story. Having started with a humble beginning as a stall by the roadside; En.Mat Isa Bin Abdul Rahman and Puan Saleha Binti Abdullah, the faces behind this stall are today proud owners of two restaurants and a factory where they process raw materials and cook their special sambal. This banana leaf Nasi Lemak is highly sought after to a point that they are recognised as the most active and famous restaurant in Kampung Pandan and have seen exponential growth after being listed on foodpanda. 

Another modern day success story would be Nasi Lemak Kukus SS19. It goes without saying that everyone enjoys the feeling of comfort as they savour freshly steamed fragrant Nasi Lemak. At Nasi Lemak Kukus SS19, this is exactly the experience that you can expect that leaves you wanting more. This renowned shop is also well-known amongst working adults and university students in Subang Jaya. Their staple Nasi Lemak is famous for its wide selections of side dishes to be paired with the Nasi Lemak such as squid sambal, chicken rendang and spiced fried chicken.

On the other hand, we have a classic Nasi Lemak contender, Amira Cafe. Having operated throughout the 80’s and 90’s, this Nasi Lemak has been a mainstay withstanding the test of time. Individually squeezed and shredded coconut milk are examples of what sets this particular Nasi Lemak apart from their competitors. Their ingredients imported from India is an indicator of how much thought, love and hard work have gone into behind producing this sensational dish.

Finally, we have Pak Li Kopitiam. Cleanliness, simplicity and cosiness encapsulate this 30-year-in-making legendary kopitiam. Serving traditional Malaysian food at a reasonable price has always been the main drive of this kopitiam’s business. Nasi Lemak with Spice Fried Chicken is a popular choice amongst regular visitors. Their sambal is known for having a unique flavour that cannot be found anywhere else. Pair it with the fried chicken and it will have you saying PADU WEY!

As we gradually make the transition into the endemic stage, foodpanda continuously recognises the importance of showcasing support to local vendors and HomeChefs like these to offer them much-needed support and to honour timeless traditional dishes such as Nasi Lemak that plays such an important part of our Malaysian identity.


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