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Carabao launches quality German beer

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Thailand’s Carabao Group has launched Carabao and Tawandang beer brands in both bottle and can formats. The company will distribute these alcoholic drinks through its strong network of traditional trade channels (Tookdee), 1,000 CJ Mall stores, and cash van operations.

The company has an existing microbewery Tawandang German Brewery producing beer under the German Beer Purity Law, which uses only malt, hops and yeast.

To support the new beer venture, Carabao has invested THB 4 billion in the building of a beer manufacturing plant in Chai Nat province with a total annual output capacity of 400 million litres, according to Bangkok Post. Chai Nat is located withint the 200km radius from Bangkok. The initial production capacity is 200 million litres.

The Carabao brand will focus on the economy and stadard segments, while the Tawandang brand will aim at the premium segment. Both brands will offer aromas and tastes closely assembling the beer sold by Tawandang German Brewery.

Carabao beer comprises Lager beer and Dunkel beer, while Tawandang beer consists of Rose beer, IPA beer and Weizen beer.


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