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Ajinomoto Indonesia releases GARLICOPLUS for businesses

PT Ajinomoto Indonesia has launched GARLICOPLUS for businesses to increase the flavor, scent, and character of fresh garlic to be stronger, longer lasting, and fuller in the mouth. GARLICOPLUS is available in a 1kg format and can be bought from official Ajinomoto Sales Indonesia/SHI (supplier for the home industry) or order from Customer Care Ajinomoto (custcare@asv.ajinomoto.com).

GARLICOPLUS helps businesses to reduce their dependence on garlic and the risks associated with garlic including price fluctuation and quality that varies.

“Garlic consumption in Indonesia is quite large and from year to year always increasing, while the domestic garlic production is still quite lacking so that sometimes it is very dependent on imported garlic from other countries. This condition has an impact on unstable prices, supply, and quality of garlic commodities in Indonesia. This is one of the things that underlies us to present GARLICOPLUS product for producers of various food industries in Indonesia, said Toni Iskandar, Head of Industry Dept – PT Ajinomto Indonesia.

“GARLICOPLUS” product is a ready-to-use seasoning in powder form, so it is easy to use, store, and food producers can save time, and production preparation costs,” he continued.


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