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Tempo Scan Pacific launches Biostime premium growing up milk

PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk has launched Biostime, which is a premium growing up milk with BioShield A+ Formula that contains Digestive A+, Immune A+ and Smart A+ to support Advanced Generation.

Digestive A+ is high in FOS Inulin to support digestion, while Immune A+ is high in Vitamin C, D3, E, Zinc for stronger immunity. Smart A+ contains cod liver oil and is high in DHA, ALA and LA to support growth.


The company currently has Vidoran, which is a range of children multivitamin, growing up milk, powder milk and pregnancy milk with cod liver oil combined with the imunUp formula.

Biostime 1+ can fulfill the nutritional needs of children aged 1-3 years old, while Biostime 3+ is for children aged 3-5 years old.

The latest product is seen as a move by Tempo Scan Pacific to target older babies and toddlers focusing to fill the gap in the premium segment.

In China, there is also an infant formula with the name Biostime (合生元) by Hong Kong-listed Health and Happiness International Holdings Limited.



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