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It’s Happening Now! Experience All-Things Korean And More at The K-FOOD Fair 2022 Today!

  • Savour a variety of Korean cuisines from 21 to 24 October 2022.
  • Learn more about Korean culture through fun “experience” zones/activities like Korean traditional games, Hanbok traditional dress-ups, and random Korean quizzes.
  • Join or watch the K-Pop Dance Competition.
  • Play fun games with your favourite IG influencers; Nura, Hilmi, and Alisya

Kuala Lumpur, 21 October 2022 – The fun K-FOOD Fair 2022 is back in town, thanks to the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation and the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. For those interested in tasting (halal) K-FOOD and experiencing Korean culture, head over to the K-FOOD Fair at Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid Mall today until 24 October 2022; from 10.00am to 10:00pm. Entrance is free.

K-Food Fair 2022 Opening Ceremony

Here’s a nutshell of the activities lined up during the four consecutive days:

  • A Korean Cooking Demo Session by influencer chef, Jia Le Woh (or Chef Jiale)
  • Food tasting during the Open Kitchen Session
  • Special experience zones such as traditional Korean games and Hanbok dress-up
  • K-Pop cover dance performances by Kueendom and Kingsman
  • A Taekwondo performance by Team Arena with a Korean twist
  • A performance by Sarah Suhairi, who has collaborated with Blimey, a Korean Youtuber
  • K-Pop Cover Dance Competition as well as K-Pop Random Play Dance
  • Game sessions with top influencers (Nura, Hilmi, and Alisya)


Son Min Geun – Finance Secretary, Korean Embassy in Malaysia

The opening ceremony is happening today starting at 4pm. It will be officiated by eight VIPs representing Korea and Malaysia, and they are:

  1. Jang Jae Hyung, Managing Director, aT Centre Kuala Lumpur
  2. Son Min Geun, Finance Secretary, Korean Embassy in Malaysia
  3. Shareefa Faridha Syed Haniff, General Manager, ECERDC
  4. Yang Kyung Soo, Managing Director, Korea Tourism Organisation in Malaysia
  5. Lee Sung Ki, Managing Director, KOTRA
  6. Benny Lim, Managing Director, KMT Jaya Sdn Bhd
  7. Loo Hoey Theen, General Manager of Marketing, Business Innovation and eMall; Sunway Pyramid Management
  8. Magdalene Soon, Head of Trade Procurement, AEON Malaysia
Jang Jae Hyung – Managing Director of aT KL Centre

Starting with a speech by Jang Jae Hyung, Managing Director from the aT Centre Kuala Lumpur to commemorate the event, it will be followed by a Bibimbap ceremony where all eight VIPs will gather to officiate the event.

Next, songstress Sarah Suhairi will be centre stage to perform a few melodic tunes, namely Rumah Singgah, Burn, and a Korean song called Hype Boy From New Jeans.   


Day 2 will feature the preliminary round for the K-Pop Cover Dance Competition, with 10 groups / solo contestants competing to be the champion. For the final round, only five groups / solo contestants will qualify.

The judges include a representative  from the aT Centre Kuala Lumpur, Iylia from Kueendom and Kingsman, and Professional K-Pop Dance Instructor, Snow. For the public who love to dance, the event will also be having Random Play Dance sessions with the dancers.


For Day 3, among the highlights of the day include a game session with influencers Hilmi, Nura, and Alisya. The game session starts at 3.30pm to 5.30pm. The public will be invited by them to join the play games.

Here’s how it works: each influencer will randomly select four people among the public as their team members. All three teams will then compete in two types of games; which are guessing images and body gesture relay. Winners will receive shopping vouchers or exclusive K-Food Fair strawberry shopping bags.


Day 4’s highlight will be the final round of the K-pop Cover Dance Competition. The remaining five contestants (group or solo) will compete to be the winner and take home cash prizes ranging from RM1,000 to RM5,000. The special judge for this round is Alex from Kueendom and Kingsman. Again, there will be random play dance sessions with dancers and the public.


The public can look forward to playing Korean traditional games during the entire four day event; Tuho, Dalgona, Ddakji and Jegichagi. Korean quizzes via Kahoot will also be available during the event. Winners will receive gift vouchers or the special K-FOOD Fair Strawberry Bag. 

Next will be a K-pop cover dance performance by Kueendom and Kingsman based on popular K-pop songs by BTS, Blackpink, EXO, PSY, TVXQ and New Jeans. There will be two performances each day at different times.

 Interactive cooking demonstrations by Chef Jiale will be shown every day; with one being an on-stage demo and another an open kitchen session where the audience can savour the chef’s masterpiece. Chef Jiale will be cooking Korean dishes and fusion dishes with a Korean twist by using Korean products from distributors in Malaysia. The cooking demonstrations will wrap up with a food testing session for the audience. The demo and the session will be available daily. 

For those interested in buying Korean products, there will be five distributors at the ‘market’ booths during the entire event. The five Korean product distributors are Tian An Trading Sdn Bhd, Nguan Seng (1990) Sdn Bhd, KMT Jaya Sdn Bhd, Sing Long Food Product Sdn Bhd, and Khaishen Trading Sdn Bhd.

And last but not least, the public will have the chance to try on Korean traditional wear called the Hanbok and/or take photos at the fair’s special photo zone. Support us by taking lots of pictures when you are here, and don’t forget to tag @kfoodatmy and include the hashtags #kfoodfair2022 and #malaysiakfoodfair2022 in your post!


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