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est Cola has a new Asian spice formula to connect with Asia’s new generation

Thai Drinks Co., Ltd., the marketer and brand management of est Cola in Thailand, has launched a new est Cola formula featuring selected popular Asian spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cola nuts. The company introduced the new formula after taking into account consumer feedback.

We view the move to formulate est Cola with Asian spices is to create Thailand’s own cola, and to deliver a taste that is unique. In China, Wahaha’s Future Cola has launched plum flavoured cola and Indian Gooseberry flavoured cola, while PepsiCo has introduced the osmanthus flavoured cola and white pomelo and bamboo cola under the Taiqi series. These flavours tap into local relevance using local comfort ingredients.

Thai Drinks has also given its est range a new brand logo design with trendy lines and colors with a touch of modern Asian style. The design is used across all flavors, including both cola and non-cola variants.

Thai Drinks has a cool marketing campaign targeting Gen Zs and expand est Cola’s customer base in Thailand and Asia. The Thai and Korean artists that are endorsing est include Asian superstar Cha Eun Woo and Thai female singer Bowkylion as well as three new-generation female volleyball players.

est has an 8% market share with a growth of 9%, according to Nielsen IQ data from January to December 2022. The overall Thai carbonated soft drink market grew 2.2% in volume terms in 2022 to THB 57,000 million.


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