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est celebrates the success of the ‘Born to Be Awesome’ campaign, driving a 22.6% increase in sales growth

Continuing its positive influence with a music campaign to win the hearts of Gen Z

Tuesday 10 October 2023  – est is proud to announce the remarkable success of its rebranding for the first time in a decade through the “Born to Be Awesome” campaign for est Cola. This achievement emphasizes their commitment to strengthen the brand and leverage innovative music marketing strategies to engage with the Gen Z audience.

Collaborating with renowned music partners, “ATime” and “GMM Show,” est is thrilled to present two exciting music events across various genres, providing a platform for Gen Z music enthusiasts to come together and express their unique identities.

Included in this initiative is the revival of the iconic music competition, ‘est Cola Presents Hotwave Music Awards 2023,’ and continued support for Bangkok’s premier music festival, ‘est Cola Presents Monster Music Festival 2023’, together with the simultaneous launch of the ‘est Cola Unleash Your Monster’ campaign, complemented by a wide range of 360-degree marketing activities available both online and on-ground.

Additionally, est is excited to introduce the est Cola Awesome Monster can packaging, featuring captivating designs inspired by the eight monster characters from the Monster Music Festival. These special edition designs will be a delightful addition to any est Cola fan’s collection and will be exclusively available from October to December 2023, along with a range of premium items.

Ms. Suporn Denpaisarn, Director of the Marketing Office for the Non-Alcoholic Beverages Business Line at Thai Drinks Co., Ltd. in Thailand, said, “After est underwent its most significant rebranding effort in a decade with the ‘Born to Be Awesome’ campaign for est Cola to establish brand distinctiveness by refining the formula, enhancing the visual identity, and introducing icons that symbolize the new generation of Asia, including ‘Cha Eun Woo,’ ‘Bowkylion,’ ‘Yes Indeed,’ and the ‘3 New Generation Volleyball Players,’ we can confirm that est has achieved remarkable success in just six months. The brand has successfully captured the hearts of Gen Z teenagers and the overall Thai public. Worth noting is that an impressive 91% of 100,000 respondents liked the new est Cola formula. This sentiment aligns with Nielsen IQ data, which indicates that est recorded its highest sales growth of 22.6% from September 2022 to August 2023. As a result, the company’s market share has reached 9.1% as of August 2023, as per Nielsen IQ’s quantitative market share data.

est Cola continues to build on this awesome success while supporting the passion of the young generation by undertaking a strategic collaboration with two music-focused partners, ‘ATime’ the forefront music competitions in Thailand and ‘GMM Show,’ the leading music event organizers in Thailand, promising to provide Gen Z a dynamic platform to showcase their talent and courage. This exciting endeavor will culminate in the much-anticipated ‘est Cola Presents Hotwave Music Awards 2023,’ a legendary high school band competition. The winner will have an exclusive opportunity to participate in the grand ‘est Cola Presents Monster Music Festival 2023’ right in the heart of Bangkok, together with leading artists covering a range of music genres, offering a truly unforgettable and awesome experience. Simultaneously, we are introducing the all-new est Cola Awesome Monster can packaging, featuring captivating designs and showcasing all eight iconic monster characters from the Monster Music Festival, which will be available in PET bottles and cans for est fans to collect. Additionally, the collection includes a wide range of premium items that will be valued by enthusiasts of the est Cola Monster edition.”

‘est Cola Presents the Hotwave Music Awards 2023’ is an event that aims to discover and celebrate the finest high school bands in the country. Joining hands with “ATime” to organize the stage for Gen Z, providing them with a unique opportunity to showcase their musical talent while inspiring a deep passion for music among their peers nationwide. est Cola’s unwavering support for the Hotwave Music Awards, a legendary high school band competition, spans over 27 years, and has witnessed the emergence of numerous renowned artists.

Additionally, est Cola is dedicated to supporting young musical talent by organizing the Awesome Stage roadshow, which traverses all four regions of the country, empowering young people with a burning passion for music to express their artistic abilities in their distinctive styles. The Awesome Stage roadshow also offers a platform to share invaluable knowledge, advice, techniques, and musical contest experiences provided by industry experts and seasoned artists who have previously achieved success on the Hotwave Music Awards stage. Iconic figures such as Hack-Clash, Pid-Bodyslam, Metee-Labanoon, and Aof Big Ass, among others, will inspire and guide the next generation of musical talent.

Gen Z will have the exciting opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite Awesome Band. The semi-finals and finals round will take place on November 5 and 11, 2023 at Blue Square, Siam Square. The winning band will not only receive a cash prize of 100,000 baht but will also be given an extraordinary opportunity by est Cola, including the chance to release a single and accompanying music video, as well as the chance to showcase their awesome talent at the best music festival in the heart of Bangkok, ‘est Cola Presents Monster Music Festival 2023.’

est Cola is unleashing monsters to fizz the city, believing that each person harbors their very own unique monster within. In a dynamic collaboration, est is teaming up with “GMM Show” to boost the ‘est Cola Presents Monster Music Festival 2023’ and the simultaneous launch of the ‘est Cola Unleash Your Monster’ campaign, aimed at amplifying the ‘awesome’ factor. Together, they will harness the power of the Monster characters from the Monster Music Festival to create immersive marketing experiences. These initiatives provide Gen Z with a platform to unlock their passions, comprising:

  • The introduction of est Cola Awesome Monster packaging – remarkable new designs that showcase eight captivating monster characters on PET bottles and cans of all sizes, tailor-made to devoted est Cola enthusiasts eager to start their monster collection, along with a range of premium items in the special est Cola Monster edition collection, only from October to December 2023 only.
  • The new ‘est Cola – Unleash Your Monster’ advertising film tells the story of passionate and awesome Gen Z teenagers eagerly awaiting the moment to unleash their inner potential. Upon sipping est Cola’s Awesome Monster, their excitement explodes, inspiring them to awaken their hidden monsters and encourage fellow Gen Z individuals to join in, unleashing their unique monsters from within.
  • The ‘Unleash Your Monster’ online experience welcomes everyone to uncover their personal monster. Simply scan the QR Code found on the side of est Cola’s Awesome Monster edition can. Complete a quiz to unveil the hidden monster within, and your results will be presented as a card showcasing an array of over 50 distinctive monster designs. Plus, don’t miss the chance to win one of over 100 tickets to the est Cola Presents Monster Music Festival 2023.
  • The on-ground event will magically transform the ‘est Cola Giant Wall Wrap’ near MBK in Siam Square into a bustling monster metropolis. This colossal 165-meter gaming wall is an open invitation for Gen Z participants to embark on an exciting hunt for Awesome Monster-themed cans and a chance to win one of over 670 exclusive prizes each week. Meanwhile, est Cola will send their group of monsters aboard the Monster Bus, venturing into popular youth hangout spots across the country.
  • The impactful ‘3D OOH Media’ showcases a lively assembly of est Cola Awesome Monster cans, breaking through the building’s unconventional 3D screen design with the highest and largest display situated within the So Bangkok hotel, projecting an aura of fun and excitement that captures the attention of spectators.
  • Last but not least is the grandest music festival in the heart of Bangkok: est Cola Presents the Monster Music Festival 2023, set to take place from November 25-26, 2023 at the National Stadium and Thephasadin Stadium. Among the highlights is the awesome ‘est Stage,’ offering Gen Z a platform to showcase their musical talent. Stay tuned for further updates on est’s official Facebook page.


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