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Halal Korean beef to be exported to Malaysia

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From June 2023, South Korea will be exported its first halal-certified Korean beef “hanwoo” to Malaysia, said the South Korean Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister (Mafra), Chung Hwang Keun. What’s interesting is that Malaysia will be the first market for halal-certified Korean beef. With Malaysia on board, four markets are now able to import Korean beef including Macau, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

South Korea established its first halal-certified slaughterhouse in March 2023.

Nova Innovation is importer of the halal Hanwoo beef in Malaysia.

Apart from Australia and India, Halal-certified Korean restaurants in Malaysia will now have another source for halal beef and can innovate around these premium Korean beef.

For those who are interested in hanwoo, they can visit www.halalhanwoo.com.



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