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Doi Kham debuts functional tomato juices at Thaifex 2023

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Doi Kham known for its tomato juices has released three new functional tomato juices at THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2023. The not-from-concentrate juices deliver functional health benefits for both male and female consumers. The juices are free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colours.

Doi Kham Tomato Coral:

Tomato juice (50%), carrot juice (15%), orange juice (8%), fructose syrup (3%), lycopene (0.023%) and zinc gluconate (0.016%).

Doi Kham Tomato Pink:

Tomato juice (55%), pink guava juice (20%), fructose syrup (6%), L-glutathione (0.068%) – 80mg, vitamin C (0.024%) and lycopene (0.023%)

Doi Kham Tomato Velvet:

Tomato juice (52%), strawberry juice (12%), mulberry juice (6%), fructose syrup (5%), pomegranate juice (3%), collagen (1.5%) – 2,400mg, lycopene (0.023%), vitamin A (0.0025%).

What is interesting about the latest Doi Kham functional tomato juices is how Doi Kham leverages on its strength in tomato juice to turn it into a better-for-you product by adding ingredients like collagen, L-glutathione and zinc.



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