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Experience the Exhilarating Celebration of Kerry Express’ 17th Anniversary, as Nong Kerry Personally Invites You to Join!

Sign up as a Kerry Express Club Member, Redeem a Free McDonald’s Ice Cream at all McDonald’s Branches, Starting from June 17th, 2023.

16 Jun 2023 – As Kerry Express ushers into its 17th year with unwavering confidence and steadfast determination, it stands tall and strong as the country’s leading express delivery provider. To mark this yet another seminal milestone, Nong Kerry extends a deeply personal, exclusive invitation: Join the magnificent celebration by becoming a Kerry Express Club Member today, receive 20 KERRY POINTs, and indulge in a complimentary McDonald’s ice cream at any branch across the nation, starting from June 17th, 2023.

Kerry Express’ start epic “17th Anniversary of Kerry Express” campaign to unfold this year. Join the celebration and indulge in your favorite delight, McDonald’s Ice Cream. Simply sign up as a Kerry Express Club member for a thrilling gift of 20 KERRY POINTs. Unlock the magic and redeem the legendary ice cream at any McDonald’s branch nationwide, from June 17th to September 30th, 2023. It’s time to savor the sweetness and dance to the rhythm of celebration!

Embark on an extraordinary journey as a Kerry Express Club member and watch your KERRY POINTs multiply as you send and receive your parcels with Kerry Express. With each parcel you send, earn 1 KERRY POINT for every 25 Baht spent, and receive 0.5 KERRY POINTs for every parcel received. Or accumulate these KERRY POINTs to discover a range of exclusive privileges on the Kerry Express mobile app. Join now and dive into a realm of excitement, where rewards await at every turn. Don’t wait, seize this opportunity, and become a member now!

Get ready for an irresistible feast of boundless happiness, generously served up one after another, enticing you with a never-ending craving! Brace yourself for the forthcoming “17th Anniversary of Kerry Express”, a month-long celebration that promises a delightful burst of happiness with every Kerry Express delivery. With Kerry Express, you can rest assured with next-day delivery, a testament to the smiles it brings to both senders and receivers, and eye-witness your KERRY POINTs soar, paving the way for even more blissful rewards. Stay tuned to our Facebook fan page, Kerry Express Thailand, for a whirlwind of exclusive campaigns and surprises.


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