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Etika Empowers Indigenous Community with Renewable Energy and Healthcare Support

Etika illuminating lives for a sustainable future through global campaign RE-CONNECTION for the EARTH.

Kuala Lumpur, 5 July 2023 — Etika Sdn Bhd (“Etika”), one of the leading halal beverage manufacturers in the country, has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to societal and environmental well-being through its recent CSR initiative, “Solar Project X Medical Camp for the Orang Asli” at Koa, Kedat. This impactful initiative was organised under the umbrella of Etika’s global community outreach program, “RE-CONNECTION for the EARTH,” aligning with World Environment Day and aimed at promoting environmental conservation and fostering sustainable communities.

The successful execution of this endeavour showcased Etika’s dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment, reinforcing its position as a responsible corporate entity. Through the “Solar Project X Medical Camp for the Orang Asli,” Etika powered 19 homes of the Orang Asli community in Koa, Kedat with solar electricity, while also providing a medical camp for 54 homes with 60 families. This initiative not only enhances the well-being of the indigenous community but also addresses their energy needs in a sustainable manner.

“At Etika, we believe in the power of connection – connecting people, communities, and the environment. The ‘Solar Project X Medical Camp for the Orang Asli’ perfectly aligns with our RE-CONNECTION for the EARTH campaign, as it promotes sustainable energy solutions and supports the indigenous community,” shared Santharuban Thurai Sundaram, Chief Executive Officer of Etika Group of Companies (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei).

“We chose to focus on the Orang Asli because we recognised their close connection to the environment. Through this campaign, we aim to empower the Orang Asli community, enhance their quality of life, and contribute to a sustainable future for all.”

Etika’s partners for this initiative, SOLS 24/7, MUC Healthcare and Muhibbah FoodBank,
played a pivotal role in the event’s success. SOLS 24/7 installed and commissioned solar
panels for the 19 ‘Orang Asli’ homes. Previously, these homes had limited access to
consistent electricity for lighting, relying on generators or oil lamps. The provision of solar
panels now enables the community to enjoy a reliable and sustainable source of energy.

Additionally, in collaboration with MUC Healthcare, comprehensive health screenings were conducted for the community members, including checks on blood pressure, SPO2 levels, and BMI. Health education booths were also set up, providing valuable information on first aid at home, nutritious food, and basic hygiene practices. Muhibbah FoodBank – NGO partner, generously contributed essential supplies and other items to complement the initiative. Their involvement ensures that the Orang Asli community received a
comprehensive range of support beyond beverages, further enhancing their well-being.

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